Everything you need to know about jobs in Leicester

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Everything you need to know about jobs in Leicester

Leicester is one of the oldest cities in the UK. The city streets boasts lots of history, but with a young, diverse population, there’s also lots going on these days. There’s an exciting nightlife and cultural scene – with plenty to do and see. It’s a fantastic spot to find your first job.

So if you’re thinking about pursuing your ideal career or applying for apprenticeships in the city, read on to learn more about Leicester jobs.

We’ll take a look at the top Career Zones, who some of the top employers are, and what jobs in Leicester you could consider doing.

We’ll be covering:

  • NHS jobs Leicester.
  • Educational jobs in Leicester.
  • Retail jobs Leicester.
  • Finance jobs in Leicester.

And don’t forget, you can learn lots more about each employment field by clicking on the relevant Success at School Career Zone in each section.

Working in Leicester: the lowdown

Let’s first have a quick look at some stats surrounding Leicester jobs:

  • 7% of people in Leicester were employed in 2015.
  • The average weekly earnings there in 2016 was £471.
  • The city population is around 348,000.
  • It’s the tenth largest city in the UK.

What are the main Career Zones?


Manufacturing is one of the main employment fields in Leicester. The sector, which takes raw materials and transforms them into finished products consumers can buy, employed 62,000 people in Leicester in 2013. Food and textiles are two key manufacturing areas.

Top employers: Triumph Motorcycles Ibstock PLC (bricks), Sofidel UK (tissue paper).

Job roles: engineer, production worker, quality assurance manager. It’s possible to pursue this career by doing an engineering apprenticeship.

Success at School Career Zone: Manufacturing & Industry


Healthcare is responsible for many jobs in Leicester, with around 48,000 people

Leicester's three main hospitals treat over one million people
every year.

working in healthcare in the city. From doctors and midwives to paramedics and surgeons, there are many NHS jobs Leicester to apply for.

Top employers: NHS, Ashfield Healthcare.

Job roles: Dentist, optometrist, nutritionist. You can now become a nurse by doing an apprenticeship.

Success at School Career Zone: Medicine & Healthcare


Educational jobs in Leicester account for a big part of the employment market – with around 46,000 people working in this field. Schools, colleges and universities are some of the main employers.

Top employers: University of Leicester, Demontfort University.

Job roles: Teacher, university lecturer, teaching assistant.

Success at School Career Zone: Education & Teaching



An estimated 40,000 people work in the retail sector in the
East Midlands city.

jobs Leicester include everything from merchandising in a designer fashion shop to managing a major grocery store.

Top employers: Sytner Group Ltd (cars), Next (clothes), Dunelm (homeware).

Job roles: cashier, store manager, fashion buyer.

Success at School Career Zone: Retail & Merchandising

Business administration

Business administration and professional & financial services make up another key employment sector in Leicester, with around 40,000 people employed in each of the two sectors. Finance jobs in Leicester include retail banking and investment banking.

Top employers: Cambridge and Counties Bank, Santander Asset Finance.

Job roles: stockbroker, fund manager, data entry clerk.

Success at School Career Zones: Administrative & Clerical and Banking & Finance

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