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Success at School is a national careers website for students aged 13-19. Our aim is to help young people make informed decisions about their future. Since our launch we've reached around 70% of schools and colleges across the country.

Schools/colleges can personalise and use our content-rich careers platform to help pupils explore their options and choose their next steps, and employers use us to connect with the talent of the future. We are recommended by the National Careers Service and Careers and Enterprise Company.

We are a member of the CDI and are committed to upholding their principles when delivering careers advice and guidance. This ensures our decisions centre around what's best for young people, schools/colleges and our readers.

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Our story

During the lunchtimes of my investment banking job, I was asked to work with under-privileged schools, helping poor-performing kids to improve their maths skills. What actually shocked me was how good they were. The problem was these young students were being taught in a way they couldn’t relate to.

Over the course of my 10-year career, I was asked to interview many graduates and interns who, while they were excellent on paper, had no real passion for the finance sector. What kind of careers advice had they been getting at school?

When I quit my banking job in 2011, these two experiences made me question: how do we educate young people about their future careers, the skills they need and they employers who might be involved? The following year, I founded Success at School with the aim of addressing these issues. Our free resource enables schools and students to access independent, impartial careers advice. 

And we’ve been pretty successful: since our launch, 70% of secondary schools/colleges have interacted with us and in the last 12 months we’ve reached more than 1.18m people.

It seems apt that today our focus is bringing employers on to our platform in order to provide young people with even more information from various industries. Apt because the introduction of apprentice levy means employers are looking to engage young people more than ever before. Our objectives are aligned.

I call it a platform because our tech has moved on so much that we’ll be able to do more diversity targeting from September 2017. We’ve created white label versions for schools and local authorities, with bespoke skills and work experience logs.

 -- Mitesh Bhimjiyani, Success at School founder

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