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Need to recruit top talent to your apprenticeship and work experience programmes?

We connect employers like you with young people and their influencers as they plan for the future.

Take a look at this video to find out how we raise brand awareness and help employers directly engage with young people and careers advisors:

Here's what we can offer you:

Talk directly to students and influencers in our online forums

Our online forum is a place for you talk directly to students and their influencers without leaving your desk:

  • Tell young people about your brand, industry and opportunities.
  • Use the forums to market research your target audience and plan your recruitment strategy.
  • Answer questions from students, careers advisors and teachers - and ask your own.

We're partnering with the Careers and Enterprise Company (CEC) to share our forums with their network of 1,700 careers advisors.

"A simple way to speak to careers advisors and link with potential candidates."

"It's challenging for business and careers advisors to interact meaningfully. The forum is a great way to facilitate these conversations."

Educate and recruit young people from our schools and colleges

We'll help you recruit your next generation of talent by educating young people and their influencers about your brand and opportunities. Our network is pretty big:

  • 1.5 million visits to our website in the last 12 months.
  • 7,000 careers advisors from schools and colleges on our email list.

This is what our users look like:

  • 75% are aged 11-19.
  • 62% are female.
  • 53% are sixth formers, 39% at GCSE level, 8% in Year 9 or under.

We'll promote your brand and opportunities across all our channels.

  • Add a profile and job listings.
  • Send targeted mailings to influencers and students.
  • Publish banner ads and MPUs.
  • Create branded advice articles so our users love your brand.
  • Post to our twitter, Facebook and Instagram followers.

What we did for EY...

We helped EY recruit to their Business Academy using job postings and newsletters to our students and careers advisors. In four months, EY got:

  • 53 applications to their Business Academy.
  • 2,400 media clicks to their site, further raising brand awareness.

This is what IBM had to say about us:

"I feel the team really understand the key aspects of our recruitment programmes which are going to appeal to young people, and which aspects will best showcase us as an employer of choice... I really appreciated Success at School's the focus on engaging content and linking roles to skills learnt – this very much echoes what we are trying to achieve in IBM Recruitment"

—Kelly Markwick, Schools and universities attraction manager, IBM UK  


Want to work with us?

If you'd like access to our audience of students, careers advisors and teachers, please contact Mitesh at mitesh@successatschool.org and he'd be delighted to discuss your specific needs.

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