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    Check out our careers interviews with professionals who reveal what it's really like to work in their job.

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    Get top tips and advice on things like job-hunting, writing brilliant CVs and what to wear for interviews.

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    Advice: Apprenticeships

    What's an apprenticeship? Will I get paid? What qualification will I get? All your questions answered here.

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    Make sure you're the stand-out candidate – learn how you can gain and improve the skills employers look for.

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    Planning a gap year? Check out our advice on what to do, how to get there and what to expect.

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    Pilot, police offer, software engineer – whatever your dream job, make sure you get there with our how to guides.

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    Thinking about applying for an internship? Get the lowdown on what it involves and what you can expect as an intern.

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    How can I motivate myself to do my homework? How can I make my revision count? We share top tips to help you study.

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    What's the point of maths? Why should I study geography? Find out where your subjects could take you in your career.

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    How can volunteering help your career? How do you find a volunteer role? We’re here to help you.

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    Everything you need to know about work experience – why it's important, how to find it, and making the most of it.

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    Make sure you're prepared for the world of work with our advice on everything from your first day to your employee rights.