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Everything you need to know about insight days

Insight days let you spend a day at a business, networking and hearing from staff what their jobs are like. Sound nerve-racking?

Well, with our guide to insight days, you’ll learn why these experiences are really worthwhile, and you’ll pick up some top tips to help you make a fantastic impression.

What are insight days?

Insight days offer a chance to ask employers anything!

Insight days are essentially like very short work experience placements. You’ll spend a day at an office or workplace, and gain an understanding of what that business is all about. You’ll also get an idea of what a particular Career Zone is like.

Depending on the exact insight day and the company that’s running it, your day could include:

  • Presentations about the company and their industry or work sector.
  • Presentations about the job roles available, the company’s career opportunities, and how you might fit in at the company.
  • Question and answer sessions with staff.
  • Opportunities to meet staff and network.
  • Workshops on different themes, for example how to send a great job application.
  • Team challenges.
  • Mentoring.
  • Lunch!

Who are they for?

Typically, insight days are for school students and undergraduate students at university. Some employers will require you to have GCSEs or be studying towards A-levels.

The programmes for university students can sometimes be longer, lasting more than one day, and can include more in-depth activities like job shadowing.

What employers offer insight days?

These days are available across lots of different work sectors, so it’s worth searching online to see if employers in the industry you’re interested in are running them. And don’t be afraid to try an insight day in a work sector you might not have thought of – you’ll pick up lots of new info about careers.

Some of the more common sectors to offer insight days are:

Are insight days right for me?

Absolutely! There are lots of benefits to doing an insight day, like these:

  • You’ll get the chance to ask questions about different careers, sectors and job roles.
  • Going to insight days shows initiative, enthusiasm and eagerness to learn – all skills that employers want and that look great on your CV and when it comes to applying for jobs.
  • They let you practice your networking skills, another super-useful transferable ability.
  • Employers will give you useful advice on applying for jobs and what they look for in applicants.
  • If you make a great impression, insight days could even lead to a job!

Bonus tips for acing insight days

  • Introduce yourself! Sounds obvious but it’s easy to forget the basics when you’re nervous. But everyone’s there to meet you and help you get the most out of the experience. So be confident and friendly, introducing yourself to staff.
  • Make eye contact and give a firm handshake.
  • Ask questions.: Don’t be afraid to ask the questions you really want answers to. Find out about job roles, what roles are like at the company, and what skills they need.