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5 Success at School videos you have to watch for your career

Short on time but looking for advice on careers, skills, uni or working life. Our videos are designed to help you get the basic info in bitesize chunks.

Here’s a run-down of our top five – we’ve got plenty more on our YouTube channel, which you can follow for updates by clicking here

1. What job should I do? 

We all face the question of what to do with our lives as we near the end of school, and it can leave us feeling stumped. That’s not a reason to put it off – the earlier you can tackle it, the more time you’ll have to make sure you have the skills and qualifications to pursue a career that matches your interests.


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2. University vs apprenticeship

Here at Success at School, we like to bang the apprenticeship drum. University is a great option for a lot of students – but it’s not for everyone. Apprenticeships allow you to earn a wage within a paid job while working towards relevant qualifications – which could include a degree with a higher or degree apprenticeship . This video will help you decide:


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3. How to improve your teamwork skills

You may not realise it, but you learn loads of skills at school which employers look for in applicants – you just need to use a bit of imagination to see the link. We have loads of advice on these individual employability skills, and here is a video about teamwork, which is one of the skills most in demand by employers:


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4. How to ace your first day at work

Your first day at work is a big deal, a completely new world with new people and new responsibilities. But that doesn’t mean you have to turn up wobbling like a jelly. Good preparation can take the edge off the nerves and help you make a great impression on your new boss and colleagues. This video’s got some great tips:


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5. Social media dos and don’ts

Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook. Most of us spend half of our waking lives on social media these days, and it doesn’t always present us in our best light. If you can be a bit trigger happy when it comes to social media, this guide is your best friend, as it will help you use social media to help not hinder your career:

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