Digital marketing jobs: how to stand out from the crowd

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Digital marketing jobs: how to stand out from the crowd

Digital marketing is everywhere – from Snapchat to Instagram, from blogs to YouTube. Marketing is the process of investigating what products and services people want to buy, and then convincing them to buy it.

Digital marketing jobs are an interesting blend of creativity and analytical thinking.

There’s a wide range of roles in marketing – and thanks to technology they’re growing fast. Where traditional marketing would have focused on things like brochures and ads in the paper, digital marketing jobs now include stuff like blogging, search engine optimisation (making sure a product or company comes high up in Google searches), social media and email.

After your degree or apprenticeship it’s time to start looking for a position. Bigger companies will offer a marketing graduate scheme that you can apply for directly on their website. There will also be ‘entry-level’ roles advertised on social media and job portals.

‘Hunting for a digital marketing job? Give yourself the edge with these 5 tips’

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Standing out in this field is important. Marketing is a competitive industry, so you want to give yourself the edge over other job applicants. Here are five ways to get your university, job or marketing apprenticeship application noticed:

1. Get work experience

Apply for a work experience placement in marketing. You’ll develop your skills, plus it’s a good way to see if the career is a good fit for you.

You could also gain experience by volunteering.

2. Promote yourself

A lot of employers in this field will look for candidates on social media, so get all your online accounts ship-shape – that includes getting your LinkedIn account up to scratch. And while creativity online is encouraged, make sure you’re not saying anything that would put off a potential boss. Check out our social media dos and don’ts for more deets.

You can also use social networks to seek out professionals in the industry and ask for their advice. Most will appreciate the initiative, and networking can be a key way to get into marketing. You might even find yourself a career mentor!

3. Create something

Marketing is a creative industry so show off your creativity skills with a portfolio of writing or social media. Launch a blog, an Instagram account or a podcast. This is also a good way to show employers that you’re dedicated and that you have good online communication skills.

4. Stay informed

And finally: make sure you’re clued up on the industry (that’s known as your commercial awareness). Read blogs and articles, follow brands that you think have great marketing on social media. Think about your favourite companies and come up with ideas for how you might market their newest product. Showing this initiative and drive will really impress both university admissions officers and employers.

5. Get connected

It’s important to note that more than half of positions in marketing are actually not advertised anywhere. That means networking is crucial. Search for networking events and go to careers fairs. Make sure your CV is looking its best (we’ve got a CV template here).

You can also send out a “speculative application”. Do your research and write a tailored cover letter for each organisation or agency (they’ll be able to tell if you’re sending the same letter to tens of companies!)


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