What can the Oscars teach you about your career?

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movie night

Roll out the red carpet, the 2017 Oscars are just days away! For those film buffs among you, our money's on La La Land for best picture...

Here at Success at School, we think the silver screen's a reliable source of wisdom on pretty much any subject. But whether you're a film fan or not, there are certainly one or two things the movies can teach you about your career...

1. The Internship: Anyone can skill up

Hapless middle-aged salesmen Vince Vaughan and Owen Wilson find themselves out of their depth after landing a job at Google, despite their technical incompetence. Fast-forward 90 minutes and, against all the odds, they've blended worldly experience with newfound skills to become model employees! The moral? Given enough determination, you can pick up even the most seemingly distant of skills.

2. Liar Liar: Don't lie about your CV

In this Jim Carrey classic, LA lawyer Fletcher Reede lies left, right and centre to get whatever he wants. But his web of deceit begins to unravel when he suddenly (magically) becomes incapable of telling porkies, and he almost loses his job in the process. The lesson: lies and work don't mix, and you're bound to be caught out in the end. So instead of massaging the truth to enhance that CV, check out our guide to writing a blinder.

3. The Fly: It's possible to get too attached to your work

The story of a scientist so fixed on inventing a teleportation device that he accidentally turns himself into a fly. Think that sounds cool? Trust us, you won't after watching the movie. The Fly is the perfect lesson in why you need a good work/life balance.

4. The Lord of the Rings: Don't underestimate a great mentor

If some days you feel like all you want out of life is Second Breakfast, don't forget what happened to Frodo when Gandalf came along! A great mentor will help bring out your very best qualities – qualities you didn't even know you had. Pretty soon, you'll be ready to brave the fires of Mount Doom, and make it back in time for tea...

5. Billy Elliot: Chase your dreams

This tale of working-class Northern lad turned ballet dancer is for anyone who thinks they don't have what it takes to pursue their dream job. You'll need a tissue or two to get through to the end, but it's a great demonstration of how, with the right guidance, no career is out of reach.

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