How to Prepare for Going Back to School

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The idea of going back to school is often met with a combination of excitement and dread. On the one hand, you get to see all your friends again, catch up on all the latest gossip and share your holiday stories. On the other hand though, it means getting back into studying, doing homework and getting out of bed early.

If you’re anything like us, then you tend to put off doing things that you’re not particularly looking forward to, but what we’ve realised is that being prepared ahead of time, actually makes you feel better about the situation.

In order to help you prepare for going back to school, we’ve put together this checklist to make sure that when the time comes, you’ll be more than ready for the new school term.

Adjust your sleep routine one week before going back

The summer holidays often means getting up late and staying up even later!

So, when it comes to going back to school, it’s no wonder that you often feel sluggish and don’t have the same motivation you did before you broke up for the holidays.

What we recommend is that you try to get back to your normal sleeping pattern one week before the start of the new school term. This means that by the time school starts, you’ll already be used to getting up early.

You’ll be amazed at how much a good night’s sleep can help you concentrate and make you feel better.

Stock up on new school supplies

There is one good thing about going back to school…new stuff!

I mean, how can you expect to get good grades if you don’t have a new set of pens, a new schoolbag and new wardrobe?!

By restocking your school supplies, you’ll feel more motivated to get things done. Although motivation is all about attitude, sometimes a little bit of the superficial can help too.

We recommend that you start looking for your new supplies early. Most people leave school shopping to the last minute and we all know that the good stuff goes first!

Set yourself a goal (and reward) for the year

One of the best ways you can motivate yourself for the new school year is to set yourself targets. These can be academic goals, social goals or anything in between.

Whatever puts a spring in your step is a goal worth pursuing.

If you’re taking your GCSEs or A-levels this year, then it can be a good idea to write out a list of all your subjects and what grades you hope achieve. It’s important that you keep your goals realistic so that you don’t sell yourself short or set yourself up for disappointment. By documenting your goals on paper, you’ll have a physical record of what you’re aiming for, which means you’ll be more likely to actively pursue them.

Although goal-setting is important, so is recognising when you’ve achieved them. Although you may not know what grades you’ve got until the end of the year, you should reward yourself every time you meet one of your milestones. Whether you reward yourself by going out for pizza or buying something that you really want, feeling good about your achievements is what it's all about.

Organise your timetable

Are you one of those students who is constantly asking their friends what class they have next? If so, then your goal this year is to be more organised!

One week before you go back to school, make the effort to get your timetable sorted. Every school issues timetables differently, so make sure you know how to get yours. Sometimes you’ll have to login to your school account and other times you’ll need to go into school to check noticeboards.

However your school arranges your timetable, make sure you have yours ready before you start back.

As the saying goes, ‘start as you intend to go on’.

If you want to be more motivated, more organised and more sociable this year, then you need to be at the top of your game and that means taking responsibility for the things that you have in your control.

Plan to try new activities

Going back to school isn’t just about studying. It’s also about learning new skills and improving the ones that you already have.

The chances are that your school offers a heap of activities that you never even knew about. Why not make the effort to be more involved in school clubs, sports or committees? Not only do extra-curricular activities look great on your CV, but they open you up to new experiences that help build character and confidence.

And it doesn’t just have to be at school that you get involved in new things. How about trying that dance class that you’ve always fancied, or joining that Sunday league football team that your friends are a part of?

Keeping active outside of school is just as important as being active in school.

How do you plan to prepare for going back to school after the summer? What things do you normally organise first? What are your goals for this year? We’d love to hear what your plans are.

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