Six Free Apps You Can’t Go Back To School Without

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With the summer holidays sadly at an end, it’s time to dive into the new school year. Problem is, all that time spent hanging out with friends and watching Netflix (there are other video-on-demand sites available) has left you a little rusty in the study department. Getting back into the swing of things can be hard when you still have holidays on the brain.

Fear not– technology is once again on your side. Check out our list of the best free back to school apps to kick-start the new school year and get you motivated.

Study with...

StudyBlue (iOS, Android, web)

It might be the start of the school year but it’s never too early to start studying, learning and revising. With StudyBlue, you have access to millions of flashcards, notes, review sheets, and quizzes all created by students like you. All you need to do is tell the app what you want to learn and it will tailor a study guide towards your needs. You can even create your own content and share it amongst your friends.

Evernote Peek (iOS for iPad)

We’ve told you about the amazing note-taking app, Evernote, but now it’s time to hear about Evernote Peek. This app takes your notes from your Evernote app and turns them into a little quiz to help you revise.  As the school year progresses, this app will come in handy as you near exams.

OpenStudy (iOS, web)

Ever wish you could use Facebook and study at the same time? The educational app, OpenStudy offers free learning support while connecting you with thousands of other students worldwide. You can ask for help with any subject, receive 24/7 tutoring, and even form your own online study groups. Best of all, you make friends while doing it. As OpenStudy says: why study alone?

Get productive with...

30/30 (iOS)

We know what it’s like after the holidays; you log onto your computer and suddenly it’s midnight and you haven’t done any homework. That’s where 30/30 comes in. Allocate time slots to your after-school routine and 30/30 will alert you when it’s time to change tasks. Want to spend thirty minutes on biology homework and then one hour on maths? No problem. Just input your study plan and this app will get you back on track to managing your time effectively.

SelfControl (Mac)

Speaking of spending too much time online, SelfControl is a desktop app that allows you to block distracting websites while you study. Since you can choose the amount of time you block websites for, pair it with the 30/30 app for when you need to buckle down and do some serious revision.

Motivate yourself with...

HabitRPG (iOS, Android, web)

When you’ve been relaxing for six weeks it’s easy for good study habits to fly out the window. HabitRPG is an educational app with a difference. It makes getting back into your school routine fun by turning your day-to-day life into a game. Just input your study goals and assignments and get to work! When you complete tasks, you are awarded experience points to make you ‘level up’ and unlock new features in the app.

If you found these apps useful, you'll want to check out these study hacks to give your study time some variety.

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