The four skills you can’t go to work without

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The four skills you can’t go to work without

Can you work in a team? Are you able to solve complicated problems? These are just some of the work skills that employers are looking for when they hire a candidate for a job.

Some consider skills to be just as important than work experience – if not more so. The good news is you can start building your skills while you’re in school.

First of all: here’s a reminder of what the key work skills actually are. You’ll hear this phrase a lot when you start applying for jobs and apprenticeships, so this video breaks down what they are.

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Here are our bite-sized video guides to some of the most crucial work skills…

Get your point across

From active listening to body language, here are five ways to improve your communication skills – you can practice them at school, at home or with friends.

Solve problems

This is one of the key work skills that employers are looking for. In this video guide, we break down what problem-solving skills actually are, why employers love them so much, and how you can build your own.

Think outside the box

Similar to problem-solving, lateral thinking involves thinking outside the box in order to come up with solutions or plans. We walk you through how to grow your own lateral thinking skills.

Become a team player

All employers want to know that you can work well in a team, no matter what job you end up doing. Teamwork skills come with practice, and there are loads of ways you can build them up.

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