Thinking of doing an apprenticeship? Watch these videos first

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university vs apprenticeship


Get paid to study while you earn a salary: apprenticeships sound pretty good, right? But making the decision between applying for an apprenticeship or going to uni is still difficult. So to help, we’ve put together this video apprenticeship guide.

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1. The big decision

First things first: you need to decide whether you want to train on the job in an apprenticeship or study for a degree at university. Here are a few things to weigh up in making your choice…

2. Leveling up

There are four different types of apprenticeships, each relating to a qualification level. For example, an advanced apprenticeship is equivalent to having two A-levels. Here’s our guide to apprenticeships at the higher level apprenticeships…

3. For the problem solvers

The next step is deciding what specific job role you’d like to do under an apprenticeship. There are thousands out there! If you’ve got a knack for coming up with solutions to puzzles, you could opt to become an engineer without going to university...

4. For the team players

On the other hand, if you’ve got a way with numbers, enjoy working in a team and are great at communicating effectively, an accountancy apprenticeship might be for you…

5. For the creative types

Those with a creative streak and an ability to get clear messages across using brilliant design might like to go for a graphic design apprenticeship…

6. Get started

If you're ready to track down the perfect apprenticeship, here's the apprenticeship guide you need...

For plenty more advice on the different careers you can pursue by doing an apprenticeship, check out our dedicated Apprenticeship pages.  


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