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What agriculture jobs can I do?

Agriculture is the science of cultivating soil, growing crops and raising animals for farming. Without it, we wouldn’t have anything to eat, or clothes to wear. It provides us with food and fabrics like cotton, wool and leather.

People who work in agriculture play a critical role in society. Agricultural jobs can be demanding and challenging, but they’re worthwhile and fascinating.

There are plenty of agriculture jobs – whether it’s giving advice on how to make the most of farm land, or designing eco-friendly equipment. Here we’ll explore different jobs in agriculture, looking at what they involve and the skills they require.

Tree surgeon

Work experience will give you the edge when it comes to
applying for jobs as a tree surgeon

What they do…
Tree surgeons plant, maintain and chop down trees. They’re responsible for making sure that trees don’t affect properties or drainage systems.

Skills needed…
Tree surgeons need to know how to understand plans and maps, and they have to use chainsaws, ladders, ropes and harnesses.

You don’t need qualifications to become a tree surgeon, but finding work experience is a great idea for when it comes to applying for jobs.

Try local conservation organisations, the National Trust or the Woodland Trust.

Agriculture engineer

What they do…
One of the many agricultural engineering jobs, agriculture engineers make and maintain agricultural equipment. For example they might design vehicles that can travel across farm land in different weather conditions, or figure out new ways to drain water from farms. They would test and install equipment like harvesters and crop sprayers.

Skills needed…
Agricultural engineering jobs require good analytical abilities, a knack for thinking outside the box, multi-tasking skills and strong leadership qualities. You’ll usually need a degree in agricultural engineering, environmental engineering, electrical or mechanical engineering. Learn more about different careers in engineering and engineering apprenticeships.

Farm worker

What they do…
one of the main jobs in agriculture is a farm worker. They’re responsible for the practical and manual work on a farm, whether it’s ploughing fields, harvesting or working with animals. Day-to-day tasks will vary depending on the type of farm and time of year, but could include caring for newborn animals, milking cows, cleaning buildings and machinery, putting up fences.

Skills needed…
Farm workers are hard-working and can adapt to different situations. They have strong practical skills. You can train as a farm worker by doing an intermediate apprenticeship.

Agricultural inspector 

Agricultural inspectors investigate accidents and make sure
machinery is safe to use.

What they do…
This is one of the key agriculture jobs. Agricultural inspectors make sure the food we eat is safe by checking that health and safety rules are being followed on farms, dairies and other agricultural working environments. They also check on animal welfare.

Skills needed…
The skills you’ll need include problem-solving abilities, IT skills, and great communication skills including the ability to explain things clearly and in a tactful, diplomatic way.

Farm manager

What they do…
Also known as farmers, farm managers hold one of the most crucial agricultural jobs. Their role is to organise all the activities on a farm, including managing staff. They might run their own business or be employed by owners or tenants to run a farm. Their duties include planning how the farm will run, buying and selling animals and produce, keeping financial records, and hiring staff.

Skills needed…
Farmers need extremely good business management skills, the ability to motivate staff, and very good budgeting skills. You can train as a farm manager by doing a higher apprenticeship.

Agricultural consultant

What they do…
Agricultural consultants give advice on how agricultural land can be used efficiently and profitably. They might give advice on things like pollution control or crop rotation. They visit farms to collect data and then analyse and present their findings.

Skills needed…
Agricultural consultants have brilliant communication skills, the ability to think analytically and great attention to detail. A degree in agriculture or a similar subject is usually required.

Soil scientist

Soil scientists have logical thinking skills and strong
research abilities.

What they do…
Soil scientists gather and interpret data about the make-up of soil. They analyse information about the soil’s biology in order to give advice about agricultural production.

Skills needed…
Soil scientists need a problem-solving approach, report-writing skills and the ability to work alone as well as in a team.

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Image credits

Tree surgeon via Pixabay; agricultural inspector and soil scientist via Wikimedia.