Employers and Universities: Work with us?

Our Vision

On this page, you can read about our guiding principle (mission), what we want to achieve (our aims) and how we set about achieving these aims (our approach).

Our mission

We founded Success at School to help as many young people as possible find a career they enjoy, so they can be happy and fulfilled in their lives. Young people can only make good careers decisions when they have a real understanding of where their skills and interests can take them, and how to get there. Every student should have access to comprehensive and impartial careers advice which relates to their everyday experiences at school and home. They should understand the different ways to pursue their ideal career paths so they make choices that fit their own circumstances. At Success at School, we aim to connect careers and the different ways of getting there to the world young people recognise.

Our aims

  1. To help students understand the career options available to them.
  2. To help students recognise what they learn in school is relevant for employability.
  3. To help students see how their skills and interest relate to possible career paths.
  4. To enable students to connect with leading employers and universities in the UK.
  5. To be the leading provider of independent information, advice and guidance in a single place for careers advisors.

Our Approach


  • Through our website and resources, we provide students with a single, easily accessible reference point where they can find advice and guidance that is jargon free and simple to understand.
  • We provide a Careers Profile where students can record the skills and grades they gain while in education and record their work experience, ready for future job applications.
  • Our forums provide a place for students to connect with, share and learn from other students, teachers, universities, employers and organisations.
  • Our Career Zones, Employers, Universities and Jobs & Courses listings help students understand the connections between organisations and industries, and find work and education opportunities they can apply for.

Schools and colleges

  • Our Virtual Learning Environment allows schools and colleges to monitor students’ career preferences, skills they’ve learned, work experience they’ve undertaken and to manage CVs.