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Part-time work for teenagers – 15 Saturday job ideas

 Bagging yourself a Saturday job will give you a bit of extra cash to put away for the future. But it can also give you useful skills and experience that you can put to good use in your career. 

Here we'll look at why it can really pay to get a part-time Saturday job, and some ideas for getting started.

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The benefits of a Saturday job

Back in the day it was really common to have a Saturday job. But since the 90s there’s been a massive drop in the number of 16 and 17-year-olds working and studying.

As long it doesn’t get in the way of your studies, a part-time job can be a really good idea – not only will you earn some money but you’ll also get valuable experience of the working world.

According to a report by The UK Commission for Employment and Skills, young people who combine work with full-time education are more likely to do better and earn more in later life. The report found that they: 

  • Are up to 6% less likely to be out of education, employment or training five years later.
  • Earn between 12% and 15% more.
  • Get better degrees.
  • Are more likely to get a graduate job.

Of course, it’s really important that you find a good balance between work and study so that your school work isn't affected. And also make sure that you swot up on your employment rights as a secondary school student.

15 Saturday job ideas

If you're struggling to think of what you might want to do, we've put together a list of perfect Saturday jobs for 16 year olds:

1. Babysitting

It's an oldie but a classic – teenagers have been babysitting for generations. And it can fit in well around your schoolwork as it's mostly done at weekends. 

2. Dog walking or cat feeding

If you love animals (and have some experience in looking after them) this could be a great little business in your local area for people who need someone to care for their pet while they’re away. People often prefer to leave their four-legged friends at home in familiar surroundings rather than put them in a cattery or kennel. If you find this one's really for you, check out our article on working with animals

3. Making something to sell

If you’re a bit crafty or creative, why not put your skills to good use and make something like cards or jewellry? You could sell them on eBay and Etsy - or even at a local craft market. You'll learn how to market your creations and boost your entrepreneurial know-how

4. Tutor younger students

If you’re really good at a particular subject at school, use your talents to help younger children who need a bit of help.

5. Write a blog

Love writing? Have a lot to say? You could launch your own blog. If it becomes popular, you could make money by allowing advertising on your site. A word of caution though – let your parents know what you’re doing beforehand. For inspiration, check out The Huffington Post

6. Theme parks

Definitely one for thrill-seekers – theme parks often need more staff at weekends and during the holidays when they get more visitors. They may well have age restrictions so contact your local one to find out more.

7. Working in a cafe, bar or restaurant

Working in a restaurant will give you loads of useful skills like
communication, teamwork and multi-tasking

Lots of cafes and restaurants need extra staff during busy periods, which might coincide with when you’re free.

Pop into your local ones and see if they’re hiring. Have a look at our CV tips so you can look really professional.

8. Deliver newspapers

Another old-school Saturday job but one but if you’re an early riser and you don’t cower in fear under the duvet when your alarm goes off, this can fit in well around school hours.

9. Stable-hand or horse groom

It’s not for the faint-hearted – it’s very physical work and we won't lie, you’ll spend a lot of time... picking up poo. But if you love horses, it could well be your idea of the perfect Saturday job!

10. Gardening

Get some fresh air and a bit of exercise by weeding, mowing lawns and doing other gardening tasks in your local neighbourhood.

11. Hair salon junior

You’ve seen them – the Saturday staff sweeping the floors and massaging heads. If you’re interested in a career in hair and beauty, this could be a great Saturday gig. And hey, you might even get a free haircut.

12. Washing cars

It’s recommended that you wash your car every week but the chances of finding someone who actually does that is about as high as you winning the lottery and not needing a job anyway. So grab a sponge and a bucket and start offering to take the responsibility off your neighbours' hands – one of the best Saturday job ideas there is!

13. Office work

Businesses that are busy at the weekend (like estate agents) are a great source of Saturday jobs for 16 year olds. They often need an extra pair of hands to answer phones, take messages and arrange appointments while everyone else is busy.

14. Handing out flyers

See if any companies need someone to hand out flyers in their local area.

15. Web design

Small businesses that want a great website but don’t have the money to spend might be impressed by your digital skills. Spend some time learning how to use Wordpress and you won't even need to learn how to code. Or you could also do a free coding course on a site like Codeacademy given that coding is an increasingly sought-after skill

What age can I start working?

You can get a part-time paid job from the age of 13 (or younger if you work in TV, theatre or modelling but you need a licence for this).

However, there are restrictions on where, when and how many hours you can work. Have a look at the restrictions for working if you’re under 16 here.

Once you reach official school leaving age most of these restrictions no longer apply and you can work full-time and earn a minimum wage.

If you have any Saturday job ideas or advice for 16 year olds looking for a Saturday job, why not share in the comments section below?

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