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Build Your Skills: Free Course - Intro To Public Speaking


If you want to be anything from a Politician to a Teacher, public speaking is a skill you should brush up on. And it's not just for your career: many university courses require you to make presentations to your class. 

In fact, learning how to deliver speeches and make presentations can improve your communication skills and prepare you for situations like job interviews. 

Problem is, public speaking isn't as easy as it looks. From sweaty palms to butterflies in your stomach, it's not something everyone is naturally talented at. 

But fear not, as the University of Washington has a free course to get you forgetting about those sweaty palms. The course involves a series of videos, quizzes and worksheets and is designed to help you become an effective public speaker. It even gives tips on how to deliver impromptu speeches; which would come in very handy in a job interview scenario!

You can start taking the course here.

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