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Success at School celebrates key workers in coronavirus #CrisisCareersHeroes campaign

Success at School is launching a #CrisisCareersHeroes campaign this week to highlight the workers who are helping us get through the coronavirus crisis.

The campaign will run all week and each day will focus on a different field of work and the jobs within it. Monday’s focus will be “getting people and things around” – exploring transport workers and delivery staff – while other fields of work will include “looking after us”, “keeping things clean and working”, “keeping us fed” and “keeping our public services going”. Success at School will publish daily tweets and articles on its site to highlight these roles.

Everyone is invited to tweet @successatschool on the hashtag #CrisisCareersHeroes to highlight any jobs that have been missed and we will highlight as many follower suggestions as possible.

Success at School provides careers advice to secondary school students – particularly those aged 16-18 – through its websites as well as print publications, including its immensely popular Subject Careers Guides. In running the campaign, we wish to recognise and thank these workers and also educate our readers about some of the socially beneficial roles they are not always encouraged to aspire to.

Jamie Goodland, from Success at School’s Editorial Team, said: “It is people like cleaners, delivery drivers, supermarket staff, nurses and school staff who are keeping us safe, healthy and happy at this time of crisis. Sometimes, these roles are not valued as highly as they should be in our society. We want young people to understand that the careers that enable society to function are not always the ones with the biggest pay packet or the most prestigious job title. But jobs such as these provide us with food, clean public spaces, the means to travel around and the care we need if we get ill.”

How readers can join in:

Each day, we will highlight a different field of work on our website and Twitter account:

  • Follow Success at School on Twitter where we will be highlighting a job or field of work throughout each day of the week.
  • If you think we have missed out any jobs, let us know by tweeting @successatschool on the hashtag #CrisisCareersHeroes.
  • Follow the daily links to articles and interviews on the website and bookmark our special webpage to view each day's new article.

Click here to visit the #CrisisCareersHeroes main page.