#AskAnEmployer forum off to a flying start

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This week, we launched our brand new #AskAnEmployer forum, where careers advisors, teachers and students can ask some of the nation's biggest employers their burning careers questions - and we're delighted to say that just a few days in, it's already a huge success!

What is the #AskAnEmployer forum?

Simply put, it's a place where schools/colleges can interact with employers and other organisations. And the best news is it's absolutely free - all careers advisors and teachers and teachers have to do to start asking questions is sign up for a free account. Students from Success at School partner schools/colleges can ask questions too (find out how your institution can become a partner).

Why are we doing it? We wanted to get a conversation going between schools/colleges and employers. This way, we believe students will get a unique insider insight into the sectors and employers taking part which will put them streets ahead when it comes to planning their future and applying for jobs.

Who's taking part?

So far, over 40 employers, training organisations and professional bodies are taking part, across a whole range of industries from law, engineering and accountancy to rail, the media, and even the marine sector.

Here's a list of the employers taking part so far - and there will be plenty more joining us over the coming weeks!

So what have careers advisors been asking?

We've had over 60 great questions and counting! Here's a selection of our most popular:


The best jobs attract the best candidates. What makes an individual stand out against the competition? What advice would you give to a school leaver embarking on their first job or apprenticeship application form.

And here's what EY said in response:

We're looking for candidates to be themselves during our application process, to show honesty and to think about their motivations for the company and their longer term carer goals. Thinking about previous work experience examples and being reflective about what they have learnt during these experiences is also beneficial to an application.

Insight days

We've had lots of questions on how better to engage students with employers. Here's one of them:

Universities offer open days to help students think about studying a Degree course. Could there be an opportunity for our students to participate in employer insight days to give them an idea of the environment and the different career opportunities?

Here's what PwC said:

At PwC we do run a Business Insight Week, which is a work experience opportunity for students studying their A-levels to get a feel for the business, and learn more about both Higher Apprenticeship and Graduate opportunities.


I notice the BBC are coming in line with the academic calendar; will more apprenticeship providers follow suit and if so, when?

Here's what M&G said:

We have flexibility with our roles and we recruit all year round, to cater for those just finishing school but also for those who may go to University but decide it isn't for them and drop out.

Head over to the forum to see the other questions. Remember, if there's something that hasn't been asked, it's free for careers advisors and teachers to sign up and pose the question themselves. It takes a second to register and add your query!

Want to know more?

Check out our FAQs to learn more about the #AskAnEmployer forum.

Ready to #AskAnEmployer? Sign up free to pose your question or log in to ask right away if you already have an account.



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