Careers advice has failed us, new survey finds

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Four in 10 people ended up in their unfulfilling job because they didn’t know what else to do, a report has revealed.

More than 60% of 1,000 working professionals surveyed by Escape the City, said they didn’t make an active choice when deciding their current career path, and that they chose it because they couldn’t see any alternative.

Around 40% of people wanted to leave their jobs because they were concerned that they would regret spending their career in that industry, and 8% admitted that they had felt pressured by parents, friends or teachers to choose that career path.

The survey has highlighted the clear need for better careers advice to improve job satisfaction and help people to reach their potential. 

The survey also found that: 

  • 50% would most like to pursue entrepreneurial ambitions
  • 14% would like to take time off to go travelling
  • 29% would like to work for an organisation aligned with their values

The top five industries that dissatisfied employees wanted to move into were: travel and tourism, charity, creative arts, conservation and education.

Delivering better careers advice to young people

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We reach more than 500 schools and colleges across the UK and 10,000 people every month.

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