A-Level Students Campaign for National Association of School Students

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A-Level Students Campaign for National Association of School Students

A group of UK A-level students have decided that it's time for young people to have a direct say in their education.

Luke Shore, 17, and fellow students, Michael Li, 17, Katie Rodgers, 18, and Yasmin Rufo, 15, are determined that young people, "those for whom education is actually designed", should be properly represented and have their opinions heard when it comes to making decisions on the future of their education.

Luke is a member of the Organising Bureau of European School Student Unions(OBESSU) and founded the Pan European Working Group for the Establishment of School Student Democracy in the UK to gather support for the issue. He hopes that the end result will be a National Association of School Students.

The Campaign already has the support of the UK Children's Minister and student unions in 19 European Countries.

So will the UK government follow the likes of Finland and give school students an official platform?

Read Luke's interview with the Telegraph here.

Get involved in student democracy:

UK Youth Parliament


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