9 tips and tricks to make revision fun

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Memorising dates, reading about historical figures and trying to figure out math formulas… is revising getting you down? 

Sometimes it feels like exam prep is super boring. But it doesn't have to be. You just have to know how to make revision fun. Yep, we did say fun. So here are 9 tips and tricks you can try. Give ‘em a go.

1. Have a dance party

Is there anything more cringe than when your maths teachers does break-dancing to help you remember different triangle shapes? Turns out though, dancing can actually help you revise. Assign movements to key facts that you’re revising. Then bust out your killer moves and it’ll make remembering the info much easier.

2. Watch a movie

Watching a movie while you’re revising isn’t procrastinating if you choose the right movie – true story. For example, watch the film version of whatever book you’re studying for English, or watch your favourite movie with Spanish subtitles as part of your Español revision.

You can also jump on YouTube or watch a TED Talk to brush up your knowledge on everything from philosophy and technology to biology and geography. Just don’t get sidetracked with screaming goat videos, we know how easy that is.

3. Have a nap

That’s right – you’re allowed to have a nap during your revision time, science says so. That’s because research has shown that having a kip just after learning something can help you remember it a week later. Go one step further by recording yourself reading your revision notes, then playing it while you’re sleeping. Seems a bit weird, but future-you will be grateful when exam day rolls around.

4. Get gaming

When it comes to learning how to make revision fun, gaming is key. Make studying for exams by turning it into a game. Challenge yourself to see how quickly you can get through your deck of flashcards, or team up with some friends and try out these group games.

5. Get creative

Doodling might seem like a big waste of time, but you can harness this burst of random creativity as a revision technique. Mix quotes from English class or theories from science in your doodling and it’ll help the information lodge in your brain. Another tip is to use a bunch of different colours when you’re writing out your revision notes – they’re supposedly much easier to remember than ones in just black or blue ink.

If you prefer your creativity of the digital variety, you can use different apps to jazz up your revision. GoConqr have some cool mind maps for example, and Quizlet has some colourful study aids.

6. Turn on some tunes

Revision doesn’t have to be done in deathly silence. Put on your fave tunes and get studying – it may even help you concentrate. If your go-to track is proving more of a distraction, try some classical music. It’s been shown to reduce stress levels and sleep levels while you’re in that crucial exam prep time.  

7. Change it up

You don’t have to slave away in your bedroom or the library in the run-up to exams. A change of scenery can do wonders for your revision. If it’s sunny head down to the park for some exam prep or settle in to a quiet café and get some work done there.

8. Study with your crew

You don’t have to shut yourself away and study alone. Meet up with some friends and revise together. Test each other by setting little quizzes or presenting what you’ve learned so far.

9. Get a kitten!

It’s important to give yourself rewards when you’re studying. This neat site rewards you with a kitten pic (or a puppy or bunny if that’s more your style) for every 100 words you write. Other rewards you could give yourself for dedicated revising time: ice cream, TV time or going on Snapchat for a while.

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