60 Second Interview: English Student

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1st year English student Beth Gribbin talks to us about life at Liverpool John Moores University.

Beth Gribbin

What course are you studying: I am currently studying BA (Hons) English at Liverpool John Moore’s University.

What did you study at school/college: At sixth form over the two years I studied English Literature, Biology, History, Psychology and Ethics and Philosophy. 

Why did you choose this course?
When it came to choosing my course at university I didn’t have to think much because English has always been a subject that I’ve enjoyed and seemed to do well in. When I looked at the outline of the course at John Moore’s it was very impressive as it wasn’t just a conventional English course as you are assessed in a variety of ways, not just the typical essay format of assessment. I also liked that there was quite a lot of freedom as you get to choose modules and even find your own placement, the university helps you to be in control of what you want to do.     

Why did you choose this uni?
I chose this university because after attending open days, I was very impressed with the course and the staff were very friendly and were always willing to help. One of the main reasons I chose the university was because of the amazing student health and wellbeing centre that is at John Moore’s. They offer a wide range of help with financial issues, accommodation, counselling and specialist mental health support. They don’t just see you as a student that is there to study and gain a degree, they see you as a person who needs to enjoy their time at university and gain everything they possibly can from it.

What are the facilities like?
The facilities at John Moore’s are great, there are 3 libraries spread across the city which are each suited for all faculties. The library I attend is good because it is big with different floors filled with books for different subjects and if you ever get confused on where to find a book then there is a help desk and staff are always around to offer a helping hand. The library is also very secure which is important, as you need your student card to get in. Not only that but it is open 24 hours which is ideal for when you have deadlines and need to escape to somewhere quiet to get on with your work.

What's the student experience like?
I moved out this year into halls so I could get the ‘full’ university experience and I can safely say it is the best thing I did. The halls where I live are high-quality as they are extremely modern and for me it soon become a home away from home. However, I did take a while to settle because I am quite a shy person but the student experience has been good for me because I have made some fantastic friends in halls and on my course. I don’t really enjoy the nightlife as such because I don’t go out that often as it’s just not my thing, but if you do enjoy going out a lot then you will love it! There is always something going on when you’re at university with clubs doing special events just for students and most places being quite cheap either to get in or to buy drinks.

Best thing about studying at your uni?
The best thing for me about studying at university is that you get to learn things not only academically but you also get to gain so many life skills. Another really good thing about studying at university is all of the people you meet. The people at university are from all different parts of England and even different parts of the world and it is amazing to talk to people and find out about their lives and experiences, you can make some great friends.

Have you done any work-experience?
At this moment in time I haven’t completed any work experience, mainly because I don’t really know what I want to do. Although I am going to start looking for things to do over summer as I need to gain some work experience whether it be writing a blog or even trying to get an internship at a local newspaper or magazine.

What are your future career plans?
I always worry when people ask me what my future career plans are because I don’t really have many other than taking each year at a time and seeing where it takes me. Also if I do a lot of work experience in different areas I may just stumble across something that I want to do for the rest of my life. I’m only in my first year of university (which is nearly over!) but I am trying to find a career path that is right for me.   

Any tips for students thinking about going to uni?
My main tips for students thinking about going to university is that if you go make sure you take time to think about the course you want to do and don’t be afraid to go and visit different universities as you have to find the right one for you. Don’t just go where your friends are going because it may not be right for you and although you may want to be with friends, it might not work out for you. Believe me, when you go to university you will make your own friends anyway.

Another tip is don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try some new things because that’s what university is all about and even if those things don’t work out, at least you made the effort and tried! The main tip for anyone who is going to university is that you should enjoy yourself, you’re only there for a few years so make the most of it!

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