Apprenticeships at IBM

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IBM are one of the largest corporate organisations in the world, and are always on the hunt for fresh talent. Here, they tell us all about their apprenticeship scheme and how you can apply.

'An IBM apprenticeship is a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in a world-leading company and make your mark.'

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Who are IBM?

IBM are not only one of the largest corporate organisations in the world, we’re also one of the biggest technology and consulting employers. In fact, many of the Fortune 50 companies rely on the IBM Cloud to run their businesses! We also pride ourselves on being an early adopter of things like artificial intelligence, quantum computing and blockchain. 

We’re always on the hunt for fresh talent to join us on our journey and offer various entry points to kick-start your career in the industry, including apprenticeships, undergraduate and graduate programmes. 

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship can essentially be thought of as a training programme, where you work and earn money at the same time. It is an opportunity for you to work for a company, learn new skills and gain a nationally recognised qualification, all while earning a wage. 

Intermediate and advanced apprenticeships can last anywhere from 12 - 24 months, with higher and degree apprenticeships lasting longer. The cost of an apprenticeship is also covered by your employer. You can start an apprenticeship straight out of school too!

IBM’s apprenticeship scheme

IBM have run an apprenticeship programme since 2010. Each apprenticeship varies in length, but can last for up to four years (for a degree apprenticeship). An IBM apprenticeship is a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in a world-leading company and make your mark. You will also be treated as an IBMer from day one, working for us full-time and working on real projects, with real clients. In a nutshell, our opportunities will give you everything you need to build a successful career. You will also be guaranteed a permanent position at IBM once your apprenticeship ends.

We offer 15 apprenticeship pathways ranging from levels 3 - 6, all focusing on business, consulting and technology. These are:

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You will be working on real projects, with real clients

Advanced/higher apprenticeships in:

  • Junior Management Consultancy
  • Technology Sales
  • Software Development
  • Junior DevOps Engineering
  • Test Engineering

Degree apprenticeships in:

  • Design
  • Digital Technology and Solutions
  • Chartered Business Management

What support is available for apprentices?

As an IBM apprentice, you’ll join our multi award-winning Foundation organisation, which is IBM’s early professional community. When you begin your apprenticeship, you’ll be assigned a ‘foundation manager’ who will be there to support and guide you along the way. We also have our very own apprentice community, where we organise lots of extra curricular extracurricular activities to help you to meet other IBM apprentices and develop skills outside of your job role. 

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 "I appreciate being treated the same as an employee"


What do our current apprentices say?

“I appreciate being treated the same as an employee - not just as an apprentice”.

“The experience gained is invaluable, I feel like I have truly learned a lot that I wouldn't have otherwise at university. Having no debt is also good”.

“The thing I value the most about my apprenticeship is the number of opportunities that are available to me. Whether this be learning or in my job role, I know I will be supported and pushed to get the credentials and knowledge. In addition, my current team. I worked with a lot of highly experienced and knowledgeable IBMers, ranging from fellow apprentices to associate partners on a close day-to-day basis, and I am treated as an equal, given the same responsibilities as everyone else. The things I 'boast' about would be saying that I work at IBM. The name itself is so prestigious and so well known, holding so much value at a global level. What I find most fulfilling is that I am being trained to make a positive impact, it’s not just about making the most money, we are helping to contribute to improve processes which will benefit thousands of people”.

Sounds great, how do I apply? 

The application process consists of a quick initial application, an online cognitive ability test, then a full application form. If you are successful, you will then be invited to an exploration session (assessment centre) and then a final matching interview. During the exploration session, you can expect to take part in a group discussion exercise and one or more interviews. You’ll also get the chance to meet existing IBM apprentices, who can help answer any questions you might have about what life at IBM is really like.

You can view our opportunities and apply directly through our website. Even if you haven’t yet finished your studies, we’d still encourage you to register your interest for our roles at any point. This is because we will email you as soon as we are accepting applications, meaning that you can act quickly, as competition can be fierce.

To learn more about our apprenticeship scheme, please visit our early careers page


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