Video: What are professional services?

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Professional what? What services? "Professional services" might be a term you've heard bandied around, but we bet you're a little bit hazy about what it means.

The good news is it's not as complicated as it sounds. The even better news is we've created a video so you can get the key facts in (just over) 2 minutes. It's worth a watch too - there are loads of opportunities available in this area, from grad schemes to apprenticeships and school/college leaver programmes.

So check it out:

Want to know more?

As you now know, professional services encompasses things like accountancy and even law - and we've got plenty of info about that:

That video was lovely. Where can I see more?

On our YouTube page of course. There are well over 40 of them if binge-watching's your thing.

You can also subscribe to our YouTube page to get alerts whenever we add a new video. Click here to subscribe or hit the big red button at the top right of the YouTube account.



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