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6 side hustle ideas to boost your bank account

Whether you are saving up for the latest smartphone or just need a bit of extra cash to fund your social life, creating a side hustle could be a lucrative way to turn your hobbies into extra income.

Here are 6 side hustle ideas to inspire your inner entrepreneur and help you to earn some extra money in your free time.

'Here are 6 side hustle ideas to inspire your inner entrepreneur'

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What is a side hustle?

You might have heard the term ‘side hustle’ before, and perhaps even more so over the past year, as more of us have been looking for ways to earn a bit of extra money alongside existing work or study commitments. However, in simple terms, a side hustle is a second job that you earn money from in addition to your main job. As a student, studying is your ‘main job’, which is why creating a side hustle could help you to earn a bit more money to do the things you love. Interested in starting a side hustle but need some inspiration? Check out some ideas below:

1. Selling your unwanted items

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Have a think about where your interests lie.

Many of us have possessions that we might have lost interest in, or unwanted Christmas presents that have never seen the light of day. If you have items lying around at home gathering dust, you could be missing out on an opportunity to turn these items into some quick change. Some of the most popular sites include Depop, Vinted and Ebay - all you need to do is list your items, set a price, and you could make some extra pounds in just a few hours.

2. Dog walking

Dog walking is one of the most popular side hustle ideas in the UK, and is the perfect side hustle if you are an animal lover. Not only is it good for dogs, but it is also a great way for you to get some fresh air and exercise too! Dog walking is flexible and pays by the hour, with rates typically ranging from £10- £15. Doing just one dog walk per day could end up earning you an extra £280 pounds a month or more- not bad if you ask us! Dogs Trust have created a handy guide for things to consider before starting out.

3. Getting crafty

Are you a creative type who loves making jewellery or designing your own clothes for example? If so, making money from the fruits of your labour could be the perfect side hustle for you. Sites such as Etsy provide a great marketplace to showcase your items, and sell them to customers eager to get their hands on your unique creations. If going straight to Etsy seems like too big a step at first, why not try starting small and testing the waters by selling to your family and friends?

4. Tutoring

Tutoring can prove to be a great side hustle if you are strong in a particular subject, and want to help other students to improve their skills. Not only can tutoring earn you money, but it can also look great on your CV too. Not sure where to start? Check out sites like Superprof or MyTutor for virtual tutoring opportunities, or try advertising your services at your school, college or uni. 

5. Become a food delivery hero

The food delivery service market in the UK is booming, and is currently worth a cool £8.5bn. 11 million of us are registered on food delivery apps, and popular site, Deliveroo almost doubled its number of riders in 2020 to meet demand. If you are looking for a flexible side hustle to fit around your studies, delivering takeaways could be just the ticket. There are lots of platforms to sign up with whether you drive or would prefer to cycle to customers, and with many you can also choose your hours to best suit your lifestyle.

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Get creative.

6. Make money from your socials

If you are a social media whizz and like sharing your interests with friends online, then you could earn money by sharing your hobbies with a wider audience. If you love cooking, why not try creating a food page, or perhaps a fitness or fashion page if that is where your interests lie. If you get enough people engaging with your content, you could begin to earn money from advertising and sponsored posts. However, be warned that this side hustle is no quick fix, and will take a lot of patience and dedication to stand out from the crowd. Save the Student have some great advice on how to start out.

If you’re still stuck for side hustle ideas, check out these tips on how to get your creative juices flowing.