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Five Free Apps to Help You With Your Homework

Getting all your homework done and handed in on time isn’t always an easy job, especially when it all seems to pile up on your desk in one go.

Thankfully, the tech world has come up with some smart ways to study and relieve some of the stress, help you get organised... and maybe even have some fun at the same time.

From making timetables to memorising maths formulas, here are five of the best apps to help with homework.

'Get organised with the five best apps to help with homework'

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For getting organised

My Homework (Android, iOS, website)

Set up your school timetable, plan your homework ahead of time and set reminders for when things are due. You can sync your phone up with your computer so your timetable will be there when you get home from school too.

For reference

Dictionary.com (Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, web)

Look up over 2 million words by text or voice search, find out pronunciations, word origins and build up your vocab with the Word of the Day widget. This app works as a dictionary and thesaurus, so you won’t be stuck searching for the right word to use in your essay for too long.

For maths

Maths Card (iOS, Blackberry, Nokia, Android)

If you are studying GCSE or A-level Maths, this app will help you to learn and revise all the main formulas. There’s a handy section on careers too.

For note taking

Evernote (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry)

Keep all your notes handy in one place and sync them up with your phone, PC, tablet or laptop, so they’re always at hand. Evernote lets you make text notes, record audio and take pictures, great for snapping a quick pic of an article or notes you’ve scribbled down in class.

For languages

Duolingo (iOS, website)

Boost your reading, writing and listening skills in French, German, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese with this fun language app. Bite-size lessons take a few minutes to complete and you can also read articles and revise your vocab as you go. This app is great, especially if you are just starting out with a new language.

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