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60 Second Interview: Politics, Philosophy and Economics Student

We catch up with student blogger and Politics, Philosophy and Economics student Sarah Barber about life at Lancaster University.

What course are you studying:  Politics, Philosophy and Economics BA hons

What did you study at school/college: A Levels in Politics, Maths, History and Economics. (EPQ)

Why did you choose this course?
All the way through school and college I was the kind of person that could do lots of different subjects, but wasn’t very good at focussing at one subject in particular. This meant that doing a joint honours for me made complete sense, and doing a degree around politics and economics made even more sense. I have always been very politically motivated and very interested in the workings of the economy, so PPE was probably the best decision I could have made.    

Why did you choose this uni?
Initially I wanted to go to Oxford university, but I was rejected from them, so it left me with my other four choices. When I was going on campus tours, and I stepped on to Lancaster Uni campus I feel in love. I just felt like I was in the right place, and I could see myself living there. I had a ‘I really want to be here’ moment, and I knew that no other university would suffice.    

What are the facilities like?
Lancaster Uni is acclaimed for its accommodation, and although in my flat the kitchen is quite small it definitely is really high quality. Everything has been recently renovated, so it isn’t all old with peeling paint or anything like that. We have an amazing sports centre that although my flatmates use regularly I still haven’t built up the courage to go, I will though eventually. As Lancaster is a campus university all our facilities are relatively close together and it is kind of ridiculous what we have, like a spa, several bars, library, learning zone, theatre, park, football pitches, takeaways, subway, greggs, cinema, the list goes on.

What's the student experience like?
I feel like when you start university you are all in the same boat, and all have to make new friends and at Lancaster I didn’t struggle. Freshers week we have our reps that are there to point us in the right direction and take us to the freshers events. Then nightlife after freshers week isn’t amazing, there aren’t loads of nightclubs but there are certainly ones that you take a shine to and go to more often. When I first started I was part of a society and while I am not there anymore it was a really great way to meet people, and next year I will hopefully join a new one, as there is so much to choose from. I feel like benefit from a really high quality of life at Lancaster, because of the facilities and events.    

Best thing about studying at your uni?
I think it would be bad if I said my Wednesday subway with my flatmate, but in all honesty I just love the friendly atmosphere on campus. There isn’t really any cliqueness or tension between people, everyone is really polite to each other and share respect. For example people aren’t very disrespectful when it comes to loud noise late at night, while some other unis have issues with it.   

Have you done any work-experience?
While there are plenty of opportunity to do internships and work experience placements I have not taken advantage of them as of yet.

What are your future career plans?
I think it is really hard to say what you want to do in a few years time, and as I am in first year I really don’t have to worry about it as of yet. At the moment though I am definitely considering my future in a few different fields such as working in the media industry, charity work and possibly teaching.   

Any tips for students thinking about going to uni?
The biggest tip I can give any student who is thinking about university is not to panic and get stressed. If you have just come out of college and you end up at the wrong university or you aren’t happy there is always room to change. I am not saying don’t take picking your university to seriously, I am saying that if you make the wrong decision, you are young and there is time to change your mind. Also on a UCAS note, do not leave writing your personal statement till the last minute, the earlier you get your application in the likelihood is you will hear back from universities earlier. Also go on plenty of campus tours and it is ok for you to change your mind.