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I cant find anywhere in the west midlans that does design or retail work experience because they dont employ/help students under 16.

Is there anywhere i can get work eperience?

1 Jamiegoodland1 (Editorial) 5 years ago

You should be able to get a work experience placement even if you're under 16. In retail, it's often up to the store manager. I'm afraid it's a case of contacting individual shops and asking - some may consider letting you do stock room work even if they don't want to let you work on the shop floor or serve customers.

I just did a quick check and Sainsbury's have a work experience scheme (please Google "sainsbury's year 10 work experience" to find out about it). Even if you're thinking of another industry (eg fashion) something like this would give you valuable transferable skills. You could also consider a charity shop which also give you retail skills.

Take a look at this article for more tips on finding a placement:

Good luck!

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