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As rail employers do you offer school Leaver opportunities for accountancy and finance apprenticeships?

If so do you offer these opportunities to other regions apart from London like Birmingham?

What dates are these offered and when can you apply?

1 simonkearney (Senior Business analyst) 5 years ago

Hi Isaac
My name is Simon I am the Senior Finance Business Partner at TransPennine Express based in Manchester City Centre.

Thanks for your question, here at TransPennine Express we do offer apprentice opportunities in a variety of areas of the Business including Finance apprenticeships. In fact we have one joining us mid-October.

This apprenticeship will run for two years and includes both classroom and practical training. Our strategy is to always look to benefit each year from the recruitment of apprentices.

I would encourage you to look out for opportunities on our Careers web page : [link removed] and wish you the best of luck.


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