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Every role in the Army has a part to play in making sure that the Army continues to Be the Best in everything it does.

Combat: As an Infantry Soldier or a member of a Tank Crew, for example – soldiers are part of a fast-moving and responsive unit, taking part in a variety of operations around the world. Combat roles are found primarily within the Infantry, Royal Artillery, Royal Armoured Corps (RAC) and Army Air Corps. They are often found at the heart of the action.


Engineering: Engineering roles are primarily found within the Royal Engineers and Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. However there are engineering roles also available within other Corps.

Royal Engineers: Multi-skilled soldiers, combat engineers and tradespeople, providing essential support to all areas of the British Army.

Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers: The Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) are responsible for keeping the Army's equipment working and ready to use.


Logistics & Support: In a Logistics and Support role, soldiers and officers are responsible for keeping the Army running; ensuring troops have all the equipment, resources and support they need. They are given professional training for the role, and the opportunity to progress and earn qualifications. From vehicle parts and tools, to ammunition, fuel, food and water, the RLC maintains the Army's operational capability; providing the right kit to the right place, in the right condition, in the right order at the right time.


Medical: The Army offers training and support to those training in a medical profession. Bursaries are available for those already in training, student nurse roles, where you can study for your degree while in the Army.


Intelligence, Communications & IT: Communications, IT and Intelligence based roles work to keep troops connected and informed. They ensure our lines of communication are working effectively and free from security breaches. They receive skills and qualifications that help them in this field when they leave.


HR, Finance & Support: Soldiers and Officers who work in HR, Support & Finance play a key role in keeping the Army in perfect working order. They have the opportunity to earn qualifications, such as becoming an Chartered Accountant. The Adjutant General's Corps is one of the largest Corps in the British Army, with four branches, providing support with roles such as Military Personnel Administrators (MPA), Military Police (MP), Educational and Training Services, Army Legal Services and more. 


Music: The Army has 14 bands, playing a range of genres from traditional marching, jazz, classical and pop. Army Musicians travel and play for the public, other Soldiers, as well as VIPs, including royalty and heads of state. With The Royal Corps of Army Music, you can choose from a variety of roles and genres, such as; ceremonial, symphonic, orchestral, quartets, quintets, brass, strings and jazz. They're all available in our unique mix. Whether you're an experienced freelancer, qualified graduate or school leaver, if you have the motivation and drive to progress we will help you develop your musicianship and be the best you can be.