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Hi, Did my question go through?

1 oyinkansola 4 years ago

Hi! I would suggest taking Triple Science (so Biology, Chemistry and Physics), but after that the choice is yours. Taking triple science enables you to get into better sixth forms and it also covers more content, so you will be better suited to take biology and chemistry at A-Levels. But apart from that, universities care more about your GRADES than your subjects at GCSE level.
Hope this helps!

2 Lance 4 years ago

Great Thanks! That really helps, one more questions which you might or might not know, can I study in an American University, even if i'm english? Ive been to America many a time and I really do enjoy it, (and the jobs pay higher there). Once again, thanks for your help, if you don't know the answer it doesn't matter! Many Thanks, Lance.

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