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I have several students interested in apprenticeships in Construction Trades, but there seems to be very few employers looking to take on apprentices in the Warwickshire area.  How can schools work more closely with construction companies to enable more apprentices to enter the Construction industry?

1 RibblesdaleHigh (IAG Co-ordinator) 3 years ago

I have several pupils interested in construction too. I struggle every year to find valuable work experience placements for them due to health & safety constraints. There is a skills shortage and yet very few opportunities for pupils to get hands on experience.

2 Atkinsapprentices (Early Careers Advisor) 3 years ago

Have you heard of Atkins Global? Here at Atkins we primarily look for students who have an interest in construction / engineering. We take on approximately 80 apprentices per year and also support work experience locally. As a company we are based UK wide with one of our main offices situated in Birmingham city centre. If your students are interested In work experience we normally advertise around September / October time. Also if you visit the Atkins website you should be able to find out a lot more in terms of our early careers opportunities. I hope this helps, Stacy (EC team)

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