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1 Hanaa 6 years ago

How do oxbridge view an a level in your native language?

2 Jamiegoodland1 (Editorial) 6 years ago
(Original post by Hanaa  6 years ago)
How do oxbridge view an a level in your native language?

On the face of it, Oxford would seem to treat such an A-level in the same way as any other. See Oxford’s FAQs: https://uni-of-oxford.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1382/~/does-oxford-accept-a-levels-taken-in-my-native-language%3F My gut feeling is that Cambridge’s approach would be similar but I haven’t been able to find any evidence of this from the university itself – I would suggest contacting the admissions dept at admissions@cam.ac.uk to double check. Don’t forget that the value an admissions tutors would give to your A-levels is dependent on what subject you’re applying for – there may be a certain set of subjects that are required, see our article on facilitating subjects: https://successatschool.org/advicedetails/204/facilitating-subjects

3 CamilleMSaunders 6 years ago

If you apply to do MML at Cambridge, which of the 2 languages will they interview you in?

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