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Do you have any mechanical engineering apprenticeships in the Rail Industry.  I am currently studying Level 3 Engineering at the moment.  Also, what would you recommend how to apply, when and to who?

1 SiemensForum (Education Intern) 5 years ago

HI Eddy,

We offer apprenticeships in many disciplines of engineering.

Students looking for an advanced apprenticeship should have, or be expecting, a minimum of four GCSEs or equivalent at grade C or above including Maths, English, Science.

-Students looking for a higher apprenticeship should have a BTEC National Certificate or A Levels in relevant disciplines.

If you think you’re suitable, complete our online application and our online testing. Once you’ve completed that, we’ll see if we think you’re a good fit. Impress and you’ll be asked to come and take part in some exciting challenges that put your skills to the test. This could be anything from group exercises to face-to-face interviews.

This is all found on our website: [link removed]

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