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What Grades are needed to become a railway maintenance worker?

Will I need to go to university or college to be able to work?

What opportunities are there in my local area of thanet?


1 nicolabuckley (Engagement and Development Manager) 5 years ago

Hi, unfortunately TransPennine Express do not employ railway maintenance workers as such, the track maintenance is managed by Network Rail, hopefully someone else on the forum will be able to provide more information about their entry requirements but would suggest taking a look at their website. We use sub contactors including Siemens for our Train maintenance so try their website too. However, we do recruit Fleet professions and currently have a Fleet Apprentice whom we are supporting with her relevant qualifications. We will be offering further apprenticeship opportunities next year but most don't require any specific qualifications although GCSE Maths and English C and above are desirable. Hope that helps

2 MGlover (Head of Innovation) 5 years ago

Hello! Good question. Don't forget that railways are complex systems with lots of bits and pieces that need to be maintained. There is the track itself - together with all the bridges, cuttings, embankments and tunnels that it runs over, through or on. There is the signalling system - the clever electronics that allows trains to move very closely behind each other whilst making sure that the hundreds of people on each train are safe. There are the trains themselves - and they're hugely complex with loads of motors, control systems, air conditioning units, and all the gizmos that we all enjoy when we travel by train. There are more too - the electrification system, the radio and telephone systems, etc., etc.

Each of those parts of the railway need the other parts in order to work.

Do any of those sound of particular interest to you?

3 NREarlyCareers (Talent Acquisition Advisor) 5 years ago


We have an advanced engineering apprenticeship with a number of career paths. To apply you’ll need at least four A*-C GCSEs (IGCSE’s accepted) or four Scottish Standard 1-3/National 5. These must include English, Maths and Science or Engineering. The scheme is open to anyone aged 18 and above.

Please visit our website for more information about the scheme. Search 'Network Rail apprentice'

Thank you,

Network Rail

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