Personal Statements for Mixed Choices

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If a student is applying for a number of different subjects based around their A Level subjects, how would you prefer to see this explained/demonstrated in their Personal Statement?

1 rparkinson 7 years ago

The personal statement is an opportunity for the students to demonstrate to us their interest, commitment and enthusiasm to the course that they are applying for, we want to see a focus on why students have chosen to study that subject and how current studies have prepared them for their chosen course.

It is recommended that students have researched the courses that they are interested in to make sure they are choosing the right course for them, attending an open day is a perfect opportunity to speak to the people who are going to be reading the application.

At Sheffield Hallam University, if a student does want to apply for courses across different subject or course areas, it really depends on which courses that they are applying for, we do want to see that the student has chosen the course for them so they would have to ensure that they are able to clearly reflect on the transferrable skills and knowledge and how this can be applied to the courses. In some circumstances, we may accept an additional personal statement, this would be on an individual basis. There is also useful information for students about how to complete a personal statement on the UCAS site.

2 BathUni 7 years ago

The personal statement is an opportunity for applicants to say why they wish to study particular courses or areas of study and what studies, skills and experiences they have that will make them a successful student. When applying for courses in differing subject areas, applicants can talk in general about subject areas that may be common to the courses that they are applying to. For example an interest in economics or politics would be relevant to both of those courses as well as areas such as management, international development and modern languages and European studies.

Applicants could write about how the subjects that they have studied have developed their interests in a broad range of topics, giving examples of additional reading or projects that they have undertaken and how this has prompted an interest in studying a particular area at a higher level. They should also write about what skills they have acquired through study, reading, attending talks, work experience or project work to demonstrate the skills to succeed on their chosen courses.

For general guidance about writing a personal statement, please see the following page of our website.

3 EmmaL 7 years ago

Students Personal Statements are a crucial part of their UCAS application. It is an opportunity for you to explain why you want to study a particular area or subject and ultimately highlight why you merit the offer of a place or interview. Admissions tutors may read through hundreds of applications, therefore the presentation and content of your Personal Statement is critical.

When it comes to writing a Personal Statement for mixed choices it is very difficult as UCAS only allows one Personal Statement to be submitted. We would not recommend attempting to write a generic statement, particularly for students who are applying for very competitive courses, but some admissions tutors might show more flexibility than others. Our advice would be that the student should determine their first choice subject and focus their personal statement on that. It might be worth them contacting the Universities of the other subjects to enquire as to whether they would accept an amended personal statement if it was emailed to them.

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