ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is the world's most forward thinking professional accountancy body

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ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is the world's leading professional accountancy bodyandstudents can study our qualification, the equivalent of a Master’s degree, right up to chartered certified accountant status.

This may be the first you’re hearing about a professional body. Essentially it means that we’re an organisation whose members are accountancy professionals. We develop accountancy qualifications and offer our students the opportunity to become a chartered certified professional in accounting. We also conduct and publish global research, set standards for the industry, and support our student and members withcontinual professional development and work to make our professionopen to everyone.

Our qualification and study options give you the tools to become a successfulin-demandfinance professional as well as the exciting chance to work in any industry anywhere in the world. With various options available to suit your learning style, including the chance to study towardsa BSc or Masters, ACCA has plenty of opportunities to help you get your career startedand continue developingyourself.

Even better, we’re globally recognised in 181 countries so you can enjoy the benefits of our connections and you could workabroad or work for a multinational company at home.

Why choose ACCA?

  • Accountancy professionals are in demand around the world - every type of business needs finance staff from all backgrounds, so you can pursue a career in any sector.
  • The areas of study within our qualification have been updated to reflect changes in the fast-moving business world, ensuring the skills you’ll learn are relevant both today and in the future. These are the skills that employers are looking for to ensure the long-term success of their business and finance team, so you can be reassured that you’ll stand out when applying for jobs. 
  • There’s a diverse mix of jobs available within the field such as tax, audit or even forensics to name a few. Find yourself preparing accounts, undertaking audits or responding to fraudulent activity and running investigations - the possibilities are endless.
  • Accountancy isn’t just about numbers. You’ll pick up a range of other important skills like teamwork, leadership and communication – areas that’ll help you succeed in any business, across any sector.
  • Career progression opportunities – progress quickly to a position of responsibility or even become your own boss, the skills you’ll get from an ACCA qualification will help you succeed not just in accountancy but the world of business as well.
  • Our Connect support team are available 24/7 so you’ll never be without guidance and assistance.
  • You’ll become part of not only a prestigious profession but also a community of students, members and employers, meaning you’ll have access to valuable resources and support.

Find your route to success

We offer online learning opportunities, training through local collegesand apprenticeships so there’s an ACCA programme to suit everyone.

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Apprenticeships are an exciting way to start your career and study outside of the university route. But, if you later decide to get a degree, our apprenticeships offer an option to do that as well.

What is an ACCA Apprenticeship?

It’s a job alongside training and study so you’ll be working and earning a salary while studying towards a recognised qualification at the same time. It’s completely flexible – choose the starting point that suits you best and sit your exams when you and your employer are ready.

An apprenticeship will give you valuable, transferable skills and if you study with ACCA, there’s an  opportunity to gain a Bachelors or Master’s degree if you choose to further down the line. You can customise to meet your own ambitions.

The best part is that apprenticeships are funded by the government and employers so you can earn, learn and qualify without the usual student debts – save your money for the things you want to spend it on. You’ll put yourself ahead of graduates because your CV will already have the real world work experience that employers are looking for.

Apprenticeship options

Our Accounting Technician Apprenticeship  (Level 4 in England, equivalents in Scotland & Wales) is a perfect entrance point to the world of accounting and finance. You’llgain finance, business and management skills that can be transferred into any industry, and softer skills that employersreally want. This apprenticeshipwill help you develop your career and open doors for future training towards professional accountant status;it’s a strong foundation and starting pointtothe world of finance.

The Professional Accountant Apprenticeshipis a fully funded route towards ACCAprofessional accountant status. You’ll focus on real-life work scenarios and use the latest technologies that will give you a strong understanding of all areas of accountancy, financial analysis and business issues. Build your skill set and make yourself more employable all while working towards a globally-recognised qualification.

Hear from Ciara, trainee accountant at Farncombe Estate on why she chose accountancy and an ACCA Apprenticeship

Interested in becoming an apprentice? Start your journey today with ACCA.

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If you’re a school leaver hoping to pursue a career in accounting and finance, ACCA offers a range of study options and entry points to suit everyone.

Fully funded by the government and employers, an apprenticeship will provide you with a job that supports your study towards the ACCA professionalqualification. See the Apprenticeship tab for more information on ACCA’S apprenticeships.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the minimum entry requirementsto start the ACCA qualification - Foundations is the perfect starting point to give you not only a grounding in accounting but also an introduction to the world of finance so you can decide how you want to progress in the field. 

ACCA-X is an exciting online learning programme with free courses available to prepare you for work and exams. ACCA-X is completely flexible – it’s on-demand, anytime, anywhere and you choose the entry point level that suits you.

Our Qualification will give you the most up to date skills that you’ll need to become a finance professional. It’s not all technical though – you’ll also build on the ethics and values that will make you more employable because you’ll have the complete mix of behaviours and skills that modern finance teams need and that employers are looking for. 



At ACCA we want to support you with different opportunities to help you build the career you want.

Our Qualification provides you with the chance for career development and personal growth. We also offer exemptions to those who have studied relevant subjects before starting the ACCA Qualification, which means you might not have to take all the exams, and may start at a higher level. There are flexible entry points to suit you based on your experience.

Apprenticeships are fully funded by the government and employers. An apprenticeship will provide you with a job that supports your study towards either an ACCAdiploma or our full professional qualification. See the Apprenticeship tab for more information on ACCA’S apprenticeships.

If you’re a student studying accounting and finance at one of our partner universities, you could join our exclusive Accelerate programme, which gives you an early start to a successful career. You will also receive discounted fees, employability advice and exclusive job opportunities.

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