Woman holding a globe

Influential women in history

The 8th March marks International Women’s Day, a global celebration of women’s contributions and gender equality. So, in celebration, we thought we’d shine a spotlight on a few pretty...  

07/03/2022 | 0 Comments |

5 pharmaceutical discoveries that changed the world

5 pharmaceutical discoveries that changed the world

We are very lucky to live in a time where scientific advancements have meant that we have a lot of medicines readily available to us, to manage, or cure certain conditions if we ever get ill. But things...  

20/09/2021 | 0 Comments |

Black Lives Matter rally in New York

How Covid-19 is affecting BAME workers on the front line

A blog by 20-year-old marketing student Theophilia Yirenkyi Ayeh. On April 5th, Belly Mujinga tragically died aged just 47 after testing positive for coronavirus. Belly was working at Victoria Station...  

07/07/2020 | 0 Comments |

Person watching YouTube on smartphone

5 Success at School videos you have to watch for your career

Short on time but looking for advice on careers, skills, uni or working life. Our videos are designed to help you get the basic info in bitesize chunks. Here’s a run-down of our top five –...  

27/06/2018 | 0 Comments |

Young woman using smartphone

8 tools to give your mental health a boost

Whether it’s suffering from anxiety and self-harm, or feeling blue and coping with a serious case of FOMO, everyone experiences difficulties with their mental wellbeing. Recent research among UK...  

02/02/2018 | 0 Comments |

woman typing on computer

5 must add links for your school or college website

5 must add links for your school or college website  We've compiled the five links from our site we think are worth adding to your school website or careers page. Read on… What:...  

17/12/2015 | 0 Comments |

Photo of Urban Outfitters fashion and marketing intern Bradie Beseda

Working in fashion: interview with an intern

Taking that first step onto the career ladder can be tough, especially in a really competitive industry like fashion. But there are things that you can do to gain valuable experience and boost your CV,...  

28/10/2015 | 0 Comments |

photo of a graduation gown and cap

‘I didn’t think people like me were meant to succeed in life’

Growing up, Tara was told she’d never amount to anything. Now she’s training to become a solicitor and has an extremely bright future to look forward to. She reveals how, with help from the...  

23/09/2015 | 0 Comments |

Photo of happy students

Three ways to show you’re delivering outstanding careers guidance

For the first time this year, schools are being inspected on the quality of their careers guidance. Ofsted want to make sure that pupils are prepared for the next step in their education or their career....  

04/09/2015 | 0 Comments |

Woman on the starting blocks of a running track

Nonconformists, dissenters & rebels: helping students get a career in communications

Ogilvy & Mather Group UK is a communications agency that includes 10 companies, across a wide range of disciplines including marketing, advertising and public relations. Shannon Vaughan tells Success...  

06/01/2015 | 0 Comments |

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