Bike used for a student summer job with the word "work" above it

How to find a student summer job

For most students, finding a job over the summer is a necessary evil – and you could end up behind the checkout at Tesco if you leave it till the last minute. Summer...  

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How to prepare for a work experience placement

For many students, a work experience placement is their first taste of what it’s like to be in a real workplace. Understandably, you’ll be excited, maybe even a bit nervous and not...  

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Should I look for an internship or a traineeship?

After leaving school, most students either continue to study, or they enter into the world of work. If you’re one of those people who can’t wait to start working and become independent, then...  

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How to make the most of an internship

Finding an internship is a great way to improve your experience of working in a specific industry. After secondary school, many young people find themselves in a challenging position when applying...  

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What’s an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is basically a job with training. You’ll get paid a wage and you’ll also get the chance to study towards a qualification. Usually you’ll work four days a week and have...  

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Is work experience important? Five reasons why work experience is worth it

Summer’s not just for holidays and having fun (although make sure you do that too!) – it’s also the time of year when lots of people do work experience.  You might be wondering...  

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Photo of someone coding on a laptop

Where can a career in code lead? Five of the coolest coding jobs in the world

Fancy fighting crime? Or getting involved in space exploration? Then a job in coding could be for you – read our guide to find out why coding is such an important skill and how it can lead to some...  

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Part-time work for teenagers – 15 Saturday job ideas

 Bagging yourself a Saturday job will give you a bit of extra cash to put away for the future. But it can also give you useful skills and experience that you can put to good use in your career.  Here...  

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What is the new benefits boot camp for young people?

The government has just announced that young jobseekers will need to go on a three-week boot camp, called the Intensive Activity Programme (IAP). Find out more about this and how it will work… If...  

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Teenagers shoes

Careers Advice for Teenagers

If you’re currently studying for your GCSEs or A-Levels, then the chances are that you’ve started thinking about what your career options might be for the future. The trouble is, that with...  

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