Murray and Federer start the match with umpire

How to become a Wimbledon umpire

Wimbledon is in full swing and with the possibility of a British win in both the women’s and the men’s championships, tennis fever has well and truly taken hold here at Success at School! In...  

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apprentice browsing online

All your apprenticeships questions answered

Like the sound of getting paid to do a law degree? How about training to be an engineer while earning a proper salary? Or perfecting your camera skills on a real movie set? These are all things you can...  

28/06/2017 | 0 Comments |

Your top job questions: answered

Your top job questions: answered

How much will I take home? What is the school leaving age? What actually is an employee? And what should I do with my life anyway?! Whether they’re big or small, you’ve got important concerns...  

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Icons representing different types of apprenticeships

7 apprenticeships you never knew you could do

Apprenticeships are all the rage right now, with the government keen to help young people like you train for a high-skilled careers – and start earning a wage – straight from school or college. So...  

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money symbols

8 high-paid jobs you don’t need a degree for

There are some fantastically rewarding and challenging careers out there that don’t require a degree. You absolutely don’t need to go to university in order to get an awesome job. But did...  

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5 challenges to kick-start your career

“What do you want to do in the future?” Does everyone seem to be asking you that dreaded question these days? It’s not an easy one to answer. And if you haven’t got a clue, don’t...  

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movie night

What can the Oscars teach you about your career?

Roll out the red carpet, the 2017 Oscars are just days away! For those film buffs among you, our money's on La La Land for best picture... Here at Success at School, we think the silver screen's...  

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different job roles

What apprenticeships are available in England?

An apprenticeship allows you to gain qualifications while learning and earning on the job. Sounds good, right? But it’s hard to know where to start, so we’ve put together this guide to what...  

13/01/2017 | 0 Comments |

National Apprenticeship Week 2017 logo

How to make the most of National Apprenticeship Week

What is National Apprenticeship Week? With the help of employers and universities, the government has put a lot of money into turning apprenticeships into a viable alternative to university as a route...  

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Model Westminster

How politics can help your career

Getting involved in politics can help your career – no matter what path you’ve chosen, writes George Webster, a member of the youth-led Model Westminster A few years ago I joined a group of...  

24/11/2016 | 0 Comments |

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