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How digital media apprenticeships can launch your creative career

Want to learn the ropes of game designing? Or how to build a clever website entirely from scratch? What about joining a camera crew on the set of TV show?

Digital media careers are exciting, fast-paced and creative. But the industry is competitive and tough to break into.

In this guide we’ll look at how doing an apprenticeship is a great way to kick-start a creative career in digital media.

Media apprenticeships in a nutshell

Media apprenticeships (also called Creative and Digital Media apprenticeships), are programmes where you can work and learn at the same time. Whether you’re interested in TV and film, or animation and games, you’ll gain loads of practical behind-the-scenes skills and real-life experience. You’ll learn by actually getting stuck in.  

You’ll study the technical theory at college or a training provider, and then put that knowledge into practice at your job. Plus, you’ll earn a salary and end up with a qualification that’s recognised across the media industry (read this to learn more about apprenticeships that give you a degree).

Hear what these guys think of their creative apprenticeships:

The idea behind digital media apprenticeships is they get you ready to work in the modern, digital world. You’ll also pick up handy workplace skills like research and great time management.  

What’s more, you’ll gain a great understanding of the creative industries and make lots of professional contacts. Some employers may even be able to offer you a permanent position at the end of the apprenticeship.

What are the different kinds of media apprenticeships?

Digital media apprenticeships are available at the advanced level, meaning you’ll finish the programme with a level 3 qualification, which is equivalent to two A-levels. The creative apprenticeships on offer cover lots of different areas, including:

Film & TV

During film apprenticeships you could train as a: 

As a digital media apprentice, you could learn the ropes as
a camera crew assistant.
  • Production assistant: helping out on TV and film sets during filming.
  • Post-production runner: supporting with editing the shows and movies after they’re filmed.
  • Junior Researcher: carrying out research for the film or TV show.


You could become an audio pro by training as a radio broadcast assistant. You would help out with the day-to-day production of local and national radio.

Visual effects, animation and games

Creative apprenticeships train you to work as an animation assistant. You’ll prepare 2D or 3D CGI (computer-generated imagery like special effects).


During digital media apprenticeships, you could work as a digital design assistant or digital media assistant. You would learn how build and design websites. You’d learn how to write blogs, create fun visuals for social media, and discover how to encourage people to read your employer’s website through using different online tools.

Are digital media apprenticeships right for me?

For most creative apprenticeships, you don’t need any prior qualifications. And you won’t need much (if any!) experience or background knowledge to apply. Employers are more interested in your personal qualities, such as…

In addition, some employers will want you to have certain IT skills, for instance HTML, video editing software, and Adobe tools.

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