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BT IT & digital apprenticeships let you specialise in the technical side or the marketing side of BT's digital world.

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Do you want to:

  • Design a website or app?
  • Use information from millions of users to make a website better?
  • Become an expert on high-tech IT equipment like routers and servers?
  • Learn how the internet works?
  • Design beautiful graphics?

Whether you want to be a technical whiz, or would rather be the brains behind the stuff you see on BT’s websites and apps, there are tons of IT and digital apprenticeships to choose from.

A BT apprenticeship is for you want to begin your career in a paid job with training – and be in charge of the way your role develops from day one. 

"For me, it has been the turning point in my life... it fully funds my academic degree and qualifications, it has enabled me to discover myself and my potential as a young professional and I passionately believe that I wouldn’t have got the same experiences and achieved what I have achieved if I had simply gone to university."

—Laura, software engineer apprentice

Tell me more about IT and digital apprenticeships 

Networks, software, web apps, IT systems, servers – perhaps only a few of those words make any sense to you. But we promise you – if you have a smartphone, you use all of them every day. These are the technical terms for the physical stuff and the lines of code that make it possible to use apps like Snapchat or WhatsApp, or watch catch-up on your TV.

And then there’s all the stuff you see on websites or apps, from the way it looks, to the way it works for you as the user, to the different kinds of content you view (videos, listicles, blogs, sales pages and all the rest). Someone has to come up with all this stuff!

Maybe you don’t think much about what goes on behind the scenes, but if you want to become one of the experts that makes this stuff work, a BT IT apprenticeship is a great place to start your career. 

And if you’re running a business, selling stuff’s important too! Just how do you set up all this content so that you can show people new products and services that are of use to them? How do you make it work better for users and the business? Well, that’s someone’s job as well – and another apprenticeship you can do with BT.

So what apprenticeships can I do?

All of these roles (and more) are done by different people – which means there’s an apprenticeship for every area. There are loads of opportunities – way too many to list here – but here’s a flavour of some of the IT and digital apprenticeships you can apply for:

  • Software: Gain the technical and creative skills you need design, build, test and look after apps.
  • Media and broadcast: You probably stream videos online every day – in this apprenticeship, you’ll create new ways for people to view content online.
  • Digital marketing: Use information about the way people are using BT websites and apps to make them work smoothly for users and introduce new stuff to customers.
  • Visual design: Become an expert in the way online graphics are designed – from the fonts to the layout – and learn how to create and edit them, and run design projects.

This is just the starting point – check out the BT IT and digital apprenticeships pages to see all the opportunities available. 

BT are looking for young people who...

  • Are creative problem-solvers.
  • Want to do the best job they possibly can.
  • Are ambitious and look for opportunities to develop.
  • Work well as part of a team. 

If you’re ambitious and enthusiastic, chances are there will be something for you!

BT offer IT and digital apprenticeships at three different levels, meaning you can choose your programme based on your qualifications, as well as what you want to get out of your apprenticeship:

  • Advanced: As well as training for your job, you’ll work towards a level 2 or level 3 NVQ qualification. To apply, you’ll need 4 GCSEs at grades C+, including English language and maths.
  • Higher: You’ll work towards a level 4 NVQ, the equivalent of a foundation degree, while you train for your job. To apply, you’ll need A-levels, and the grades will depend on the programme you’re applying to. You’ll also need GCSEs at grade C+, including English language and maths.
  • Degree: You’ll work towards a degree as you train for your job. To apply, you’ll need A-levels, and the grades will depend on the programme you’re applying to. You’ll also need GCSEs at grade C+, including English language and maths.

Take a look at the individual apprenticeships on BT’s site to see what levels are available for the areas you’re interested in.

How do I apply?

BT are offering 12 different kinds of apprenticeships in 2017 (IT and digital is just one of those areas). We’re guessing you picked this one because it sounds perfect for you – but check out the others before making your decision, because you can only apply for one.

  1. When you’re ready to apply, fill out the online application form on the BT website. Check out our advice on filling out application forms for help with this.
  2. If meet the requirements and put together a strong application, the be asked to complete an online test – and find out straight away whether you’ve got through to the next stage, which is…
  3. A video interview: You’ll meet some friendly interviewers, who will ask you why you’ve applied for a IT and digital apprenticeship, and why you’d make an awesome hire!
  4. If you impress, you’ll be invited to an assessment centre at a location near you, which you’ll attend alongside other candidates.

Ready to apply?

Visit the BT website by clicking the button below to visit BT’s IT and digital apprenticeship apprenticeship pages.


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