Celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week 2016

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Entrepreneurs and businesses around the world are celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week from 14-18 November, sharing stories of pioneering ideas and inspiring young people.

We’re recognising #GEW2016 by highlighting how important it is to have an entrepreneurial mindset – no matter what career you’ve chosen.

Even if you don’t fancy starting a business and being your own boss, the skills involved in entrepreneurship are really important no matter what career you’ve chosen. Whether you’re a digital marketer or a swimming teacher, entrepreneurship is for everyone.

Come up with great ideas

The best entrepreneurs think of genius ideas and then follow them through – Facebook and Google were just ideas, once upon a time. This skill is useful in all jobs. Some of the best employees are entrepreneurial in their thinking, even though they don’t run the business. Suggest creative and clever ideas to your colleagues and bosses – trust us, it’ll pay off!

Develop your communication skills

Business owners communicate their ideas and plans in a clear and convincing way. Whether it’s sending a well worded email or giving a presentation, you’ll come across lots of situations in your job where you’ll need to be a strong communicator. Working on your communication skills will help you make your point and influence your co-workers’ decisions. Read our guide to find out how.

Be determined

Phoebe was just 20 when she started her tailoring company. It was really tough at the beginning – she had to be the marketing pro, button-sewer, social media manager and event planner all at once! But she stuck at it and now runs a successful business. Being determined is a great characteristic to have – you’ll be able to deal with any set-backs at work and it will help you to succeed.

Solve problems

Entrepreneurship is really about being able to think creatively so you can solve problems. As entrepreneur Julian Hall says, the best way to get ahead (no matter where you work) is being able to come up with innovative answers to puzzles. Employers rate problem-solving skills very highly – here’s how you can work on yours.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Lots of entrepreneurs fail. The best ones learn from their mistakes and use them to create a better idea in future. You can apply this skill at work: don’t be put off if things don’t go right the first time. Keep a positive attitude and be confident in your own skills and knowledge.

Read our Entrepreneurship Career Zone to find out more, and share your own entrepreneurial stories online using @SuccessatSchool and #GEW2016 



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