More graduates are being hired than ever before

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Photo of a graduate at work

Graduates have more job opportunities than ever before and are earning more too, a new report has revealed.

The survey, by the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR), found that there has been a 13.2% rise in graduate vacancies, combined with an increase of £1,000 in starting salaries – from £27,000 to £28,000.

After three years on the job, graduates are earning approximately £35,000 – an increase of 4.5%.

And it looks like graduates are enjoying their new jobs with only 6% leaving in the first year, and 11% before the end of two years.

More internships being offered

The survey also found that employers are taking on more interns and paying them better too – salaries for internships have risen by 3.3%. Nearly half of interns went on to secure graduate jobs in the same company.

The three sectors with the biggest share of internships were: law, accounting and banking/financial services.

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Men are still outnumbering women

But it’s not all good news – the survey found that only 40% of the graduate workforce were women, even though they make up nearly 60% of total graduates. This hasn’t improved in the last five years.

Stephen Isherwood, AGR chief executive, says: “Although our data cannot explain why women aren’t securing more graduate placements, it indicates there is more to be done to attract female graduates, who in turn need to make the most of the opportunities available.”



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