0 Like BT - Commercial Management Degree Apprenticeship

London, Manchester, Birmingham – Chartered Manager Level 6

What you’ll be doing

Commercial Management is key in a business like ours, and if we didn’t have people to help keep our business initiatives on track, we’d never be able to get anywhere!

We think the best way for you to learn how a business works is to gain experience in lots of different parts of it. As part of this apprenticeship, you’ll rotate around our company and complete four 12-month rotations in different business areas. You’ll have the chance to get involved in things like project management, finance, marketing, transformation, customer solutions…. it’s a pretty big list!

About the apprenticeship you’ll study for

As a Commercial Management Degree Apprentice, you’ll study for a Level 6 apprenticeship called Chartered Manager. This is an apprenticeship degree course, meaning if you complete the course successfully, you’ll receive a degree from one of our university partners.

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