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The Inalytics Data Analyst & Software Developer Trainee is for a school/college leaver and will be based in Croydon.

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Company overview

We are a tech company and our clients are investment management businesses.  The easiest way to think about what we do is that we are the equivalent of sports analytics for the investment management industry.  Our highly professional tech team has a track record for innovation.   For example, we were one of the early adopters of the ‘cloud’, open source applications and more recently machine learning in our field.

Although we have clients in 8 different countries we are still a relatively small firm and consequently the successful candidate will be working closely with our technology team and will receive a very high level of 'on the job ' training and support from their colleagues. 

Programme information

The Investment2020 Inalytics Data Analyst & Software Developer Trainee role is for a data analyst and software developer.  The role is a fixed term one year contract paying £18,500.  However, it is our intention to offer you a permanent position at the end of the year.  Through this traineeship you will gain industry knowledge, experience and develop relationships enabling you to progress your career. 

You will be part of the Investment20/20 trainee programme providing you with opportunities to meet and network with other trainees across the investment management industry and participate in socials and industry insight events.

You will receive 22 days annual leave.  Our office is based in Croydon.

Role summary

The successful Investment2020 Inalytics Data Analyst & Software Developer Trainee candidate will receive training in how to build and manage databases using MySQL.  The training will be provided by working alongside our existing software developers and from external courses.  When you are trained, you will use both MySQL and Excel to manipulate and analyse data.  There will also be the prospect of eventually joining the team responsible for applying Machine Learning techniques to the service.

Responsibilities include

  • Checking the client data in excel and reformatting where required
  • Importing and processing data through our system
  • Checking the results and fixing any issues that arise
  • Extracting data from the database for the consultancy team when requested
  • Writing new reports and data extracts from scratch using MySQL
  • Once proficiency and confidence in MySQL has been gained, the successful candidate will also have opportunities to develop new types of analysis from scratch

Candidate requirements

We are looking for a school/college leaver who has an interest in working within a technology team and has a ‘can do’ attitude.

  • Confident with Excel;
  • Readiness to learn MySQL programming language;
  • Has an enquiring mind that takes a proactive approach to solving problems;
  • Seeks continuous personal and professional development and has a strong desire to learn;
  • Ability to gather, monitor and analyse data and report key information that will help inform business decisions;
  • Ability to plan and prioritise important tasks and work to deadlines with accuracy and attention to detail; and
  • Effective written and verbal communication skills conveying messages accurately, concisely and with integrity to both the business and external clients.

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