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Learn to maintain and repair BT’s vehicles and get the qualifications to prove it on this 3.5 year apprenticeship.

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Are you creative? Never happy until you understand the way something works? A great problem-solver? 

You sound like a BT vehicle technician apprentice. This is an awesome apprenticeship that takes you from nought to 60 from day one.

As part of BT Fleet – the team that looks after BT’s vehicles (and their customers’ as well) you’ll learn to repair and maintain vehicles of all shapes and sizes. And you’ll get the qualifications to prove it.

A BT apprenticeship is for you want to begin your career in a paid job with training – and be in charge of the way your role develops from day one.

What will I do on my BT vehicle technician apprenticeship?

BT Openreach look after all the cables, fibres and wiring that makes up the UK’s broadband network – which means they need a lot of vehicles to get around.

It’s your team, BT Fleet, who look after all their vehicles, as well as the vehicles of BT Fleet’s customers – other companies that need to travel, like the AA and the National Grid. All told, BT Fleet look after 120,000 vans, trucks, cars and plant vehicles!

That’s where you come in. As a BT Fleet apprentice, you’re part of the next generation of high-skilled technicians who will maintain (look after), service (regular maintenance work) and fix these vehicles.

Since these vehicles are all over the place, there are apprenticeship opportunities up and down the country:


Aberdeen, Aylesbury, Ayr, Bangor, Belfast, Birmingham, Boston, Brighton, Bristol, Carlisle, Crayford, Dagenham, Enfield, Glasgow, Gloucester, Hastings, Haverfordwest, Inverness, Leeds, Leicester, Lincoln, Magna Park Lutterworth, Maidstone, Milton Keynes, Newcastle, Newhouse, Northallerton, Norwich, Perth, Preston, Shrewsbury, Stoke, Swansea, Swindon, Walsall, Wimbledon, Worcester, York, Manchester

What do I need?

You don’t need any experience of vehicle maintenance and repair because you’ll get full training on the job. All you need is:

  • 4 GCSEs at grade C+, or equivalent, including English Language and maths.
  • Be 16 year or over.

More important than grades is ambition and enthusiasm. For their vehicle technician apprenticeship, BT are looking for people who: 

If you love making things, are interested in engines or mechanics, or have a creative hobby like arts and crafts, this could be the perfect apprenticeship for you – and all this experience will look great on your application.

How does the training work? 

Lasting 3.5 years, your BT apprenticeship will give you the best training you need to become a vehicle technician – and we mean the best! Unlike some vehicle technician apprenticeships, you’ll learn to work on vans, lorries and plant vehicles as well as cars. 

It’ll be an advanced apprenticeship, and you’ll gain level 3 qualifications – the same as getting two A-levels. The difference is, your qualifications will be directly relevant to your job:

  • BTEC in motor vehicle service and repair.
  • NVQ in motor vehicle service and repair.

And you’ll be kept up-to-date with changes in the world of vehicles through ongoing refresher training when you need it. 

Because an apprenticeship is a real job, you’ll train by doing the job, not by learning from a book. You’ll work alongside and learn from experts – to become an expert yourself.

This training won’t cost you a penny – and you’ll be paid a salary while you train.

You’ll also develop tons of skills and experience, including: 

How do I apply?

BT are offering 12 different kinds of apprenticeships in 2017. We’re guessing you picked the BT vehicle technician apprenticeship because it sounds perfect for you – but check out the others before making your decision, because you can only apply for one.

  1. When you’re ready to apply, fill out the online application form on the BT website. Check out our advice on filling out application forms for help with this.
  2. If meet the requirements and put together a strong application, the be asked to complete an online test – and find out straight away whether you’ve got through to the next stage, which is…
  3. A video interview: You’ll meet some friendly interviewers, who will ask you why you’ve applied for a vehicle technician apprenticeship, and why you’d make an awesome hire!
  4. If you impress, you’ll be invited to an assessment centre at a location near you, which you’ll attend alongside other candidates. 

Ready to apply? 

Visit the BT website by clicking the button below to visit the BT vehicle apprenticeship apprenticeship pages.


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