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Want to help your team be the best it can? BT's HR apprenticeship lets you learn valuable skills on the job.

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Are you passionate about helping people achieve their goals? Want to make a real difference to a team? The BT HR apprenticeship could be right for you…

Human resources (HR) is the part of a business that focuses on hiring new people to the team, and then making sure employees are happy in their work. You could be guiding newbies on their first day on the job, or helping out if people are stressed out at work. You’ll have the chance to make a really positive impact on the team.

BT’s HR team helps keep the whole organisation running. The HR pros at BT focus on developing staff’s skills. They help staff figure out what their goals are and then meet their full potential.

What is the BT HR apprenticeship?

The BT HR apprenticeship is an opportunity for you to learn the ins and outs of human resources, while getting to grips with a real workplace. You’ll earn a salary while learning on the job. There are two options for the HR apprenticeship: higher (which takes place in London) and advanced (which takes place in Bristol).

During the apprenticeship, you will:

  • Gain working knowledge and professional experience of the human resources sector.
  • Help to look after BT’s staff.
  • Learn how to give expert advice to BT’s managers and employees around the world.
  • Gain a qualification recognised by HR industry pros.

“I’m involved with 6, 7, 8 projects and it makes me feel a lot more confident in myself and my abilities. I feel a lot more responsible, it’s helped me develop my character. I feel motivated, I want to come in every day. I want to see the people I work with. So 100% go for an apprenticeship.”

—Gemma Curtis, HR apprentice

BT are looking for young people who...

You don’t need any previous experience of human resources to apply – as you’ll be given full support on the job, with your very own mentor. BT are looking for applicants who have an in HR and passionate about supporting people in their work.

For the advanced level apprenticeship, you will need 4 GCSEs at grade C or above, including maths and English.

And for the higher level apprenticeship, you will need 2 A-levels at grade C or above, plus at least 4 GCSEs at grade C or above, including maths and English.

How does the training work?

Depending on which level apprenticeship you choose, you could be working in one of the following roles:

  • HR helpdesk adviser.
  • HR case management adviser.
  • Recruitment adviser.

You will gain experience of real-life HR roles in a busy and fast-paced office. You’ll develop your communication, teamwork and people skills. You will also work towards a qualification from the Chartered Institute of Personal Development (that’s the professional body for HR).

How do I apply?

BT are offering 12 different kinds of apprenticeships in 2017. We’re guessing you picked this one because it sounds perfect for you – but check out the others before making your decision, because you can only apply for one.

  1. When you’re ready to apply, fill out the online application form on the BT website. Check out our advice on filling out application forms for help with this.
  2. If meet the requirements and put together a strong application, the be asked to complete an online test – and find out straight away whether you’ve got through to the next stage, which is…
  3. video interview: You’ll meet some friendly interviewers, who will ask you why you’ve applied for a customer service apprenticeship, and why you’d make an awesome hire!
  4. If you impress, you’ll be invited to an assessment centre at a location near you, which you’ll attend alongside other candidates. 

Ready to apply?

Visit the BT website by clicking the button below to visit the BT HR apprenticeship pages. Click on the area you’re interested in to get your application underway!


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