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I'm Hannah, Industry Alignment Manager based at Excelsior Academy in Newcastle. I work on the newly launched program, Education Challenge, which is facilitated by the North East Local Enterprise Partnership and The Edge Foundation here in Newcastle. Education Challenge seeks to reduce the gap between the highest and lowest performing schools in the region by raising aspirations and integrating careers learning into the national curriculum that is delivered in schools.
In collaboration with Ford Next Generation Learning in the US, we are piloting a model to transform community and business engagement to total civic partnership through meaningful relationships between industries and education.
As health and life sciences is one of the main areas for growth in our region, and GSK engage significantly in careers and work with schools, we are keen to engage with yourselves as a partnership employer. 
It would be great to meet with you to provide you with more information about the journey we are on with FNGL and see if we can become engaged with yourselves at GSK. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Many thanks 


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