Investment20/20 is an organisation that links you with companies in the investment management industry. Their year-long scheme is called the “Investment20/20 Training Programme”, and you can apply straight from school and college. As a trainee with one of the employers, you’ll earn a salary while gaining lots of valuable skills and hands-on experience.

What’s investment management?  

Investment management is an area of the finance sector which is home to our pensions, investments and insurance funds. The industry keeps the money safe, while the economic markets are changing.

It’s an exciting industry to work in. There are plenty of roles available in I.T., accounts, operations, human resources, marketing and compliance. It’s estimated that more than 92,000 people are now employed in activities related directly or indirectly to asset management.

What is the Investment20/20 Training Programme?

The companies on the Investment20/20 Training Programme are looking for enthusiastic young people from different backgrounds, with a range of interests and talents. You are judged on your potential, not on your grades.

Investment20/20 works with the companies to make sure you have a positive and valuable experience during your year. You’ll develop your skills for a fantastic future career.

You’ll receive in-depth training on the job, plus mentoring from Investment20/20. You can also attend their events throughout the year. The training will put you in a very strong position to get a permanent job in the investment management sector, 75% of current trainees are offered their role permanently at the end of the 12 months.  There are more than 25 employers linked to the Investment20/20 Training Programme. They include: JP Morgan Asset Management, M&G Investments, Schroders and Henderson Global Investors. You can read more about the employers and what they’re looking for here

Case Studies 

Read about our trainee's experiences, at their firms, on our website now: Case Studies Page 

Investment20/20 also offers a very similar programme for apprentices. The apprenticeship programmes are typically longer than the 12-month Investment2020 Training Programme. Firms offering this opportunity include M&G, Fidelity, and DST.

You can apply for the Investment20/20 Training Programme straight from school. The length of your training will vary depending on which company you choose, but it’s usually for at least 12 months. The typical starting salary is between £18,000 and £21,000 plus company benefits.

What does the Investment20/20 Training Programme include?

During your training, you’ll get:

  • Induction training
  • Opportunity to start a foundation qualification in most firms, relating to Investment management.
  • An allocated mentor at your firm
  • Regular feedback from your line manager
  • Access to Investment20/20 events
  • Access to Investment20/20’s online resources, including training and careers information
  • Membership to different networking groups, such as the Trainee Club and the Trainee Forum. These organise social events and share information

Can I apply?

Most of the employers have no requirements in terms of your grades, the subjects you studied or your previous work experience – so it’s a brilliant way to get your foot in the door!

The minimum age to apply is 18. You can apply to as many companies as you like. More information on the application process is available here.

Keval Dattani applied to the scheme from school. He worked in compliance and wealth management at Cazenove Capital Management. He said: “Joining from school, having just done my A-levels, you see that the world of work isn’t as scary as you might think. [With the scheme] you get money, you don’t build up debt and you still get to have fun on weekends.”

Graduates are also eligible to apply for the Investment20/20 Training Programme.

Catherine Stronarch worked as executive assistant to the chief information officer at Threadneedle. She went to Nottingham University but didn’t get the grades she had hoped for. “I picked the programme because it’s completely unique. Investment20/20 provided me with the opportunity to really shine and show what I can do, not just what was on paper.”

You can hear from more graduates in the videos below. 

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